SquidNet-NDP v.2.14


SquidNet Software's Cross-Platform Network Distribution Processor (SquidNet-NDP) allows just about any distributed processing application (Maya, Blender, Lightwave, research, educational, etc...) with a command-line based interface to evenly distribute job "slices", segments or frames amongst one or more network processors. These network processors, called Tipnodes, pull and process outstanding job requests from a centralized virtual queue. This virtual queue contains jobs requests that are submitted from SquidNet users via the SquidNet Management Console (SMC) which provides a GUI-based interface into the network. The SquidNet-NDP system supports the following features: * Submittal of jobs requests based on application templates (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Generic, etc...). * Cross-Platform support (WINDOWS, LINUX). * Platform Path Translation Manager. Issue a single path/file destination in cross-platform job requests. * Manage remote network installations from local Network Manager Dialog. * Assignment of Job Priorities (0-highest, 24-lowest). * Centralized interface that provides users advanced flexibility and management options, including the ability to tap CPU power on desktop workstations during off-peak hours. * Tipnode support for multi-core processor systems. * Independent views into each subsystem (job queue, work queue, tipnodes, etc...) * Streamlined digital workflow from one or more independent locations. * Monitors all render nodes on a network, and includes real-time CPU, memory and network traffic views. * Ability to specify the number of network tipnodes that a job will use. * Automatic restart of job slices if their processing times exceed a specific time period. * Priority Boosting --- automatically increase priority of specific jobs every N minutes. * Selectable thread processing priorities. (Idle, Normal, High and Real-time). * Execution Script. Process job slices within criteria of O/S dependant batch file or shell script. * Job states: Queued, Processing, Interrupted, Suspended, Resumed, Error and Completed. * Increase/Decrease/Change job priorities. * Real-time log for system monitoring. * Real-time job log. * Real-time job slice log. * Rendered image capabilities. * Extensive error reporting with the ability to resubmit frames from failed jobs. * Tipnode activation and de-activation. * Tipnode start/stop processing. * Email notification on specific job processing events. * Pool Management. Assign any tipnode to one or more network pools. * Easy to use network render management solution. * and more...Supported ApplicationsBuilt-in support: Maya, 3D Studio Max, RealFlow Mesher, Blender, Mental Ray Standalone and most generic applicationsFuture support: * Autodesk: RenderMan for Maya, Final Render for Maya, V-Ray for Maya, Combustion. * Adobe: After Effects * MentalRay * Digital Fusion * Houdini * Lightwave * Maxwell * Shake * Cinema 4D * XSI * .... any application that supports a command line interface.

SquidNet Software's Cross-Platform Network ...

  • SquidNet-NDP
  • 2.14
  • SquidNet Software
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 5.5 Mb
  • 244
  • $20.00

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