Raiden DNSD v.1.3.15

RaidenDNSD DNS Server is the easiest DNS Server. You can install it with several mouse clicks, and then set up your domain records even you did not have any experiences about DNS software.Of course, before installing RaidenDNSD, we suggest that you have to get a domain name, then you can evaulate the powerful functions of RaidenDNSD after you install it.Features:- Basic funtions required by RFC 1035 - Most popular resource records which defined in RFC 1035 (DNS), and the rules defined for domain transfer (AXFR) are implemented in RaidenDNSD. The only one exception is WKS record, because the editing procedures for the WKS record are too complicated, and besides WKS is not usually used, so WKS is the only skipped record.- Graphic User Interface console - The UI contains the main console, the configurations of the server, management for user accounts, management for IP which to provide DNS service, Remote Control feature, single step domain Wizard, domain diagnose tool (Beta), and editor for various resource reocrd.- Detail audit system (LOG) - RaidenDNSD will record each and every inquery, including The IP address of the client, which record is queried? When does the query execute, and how long RaidenDNSD take to response. With the log data, we can analysis the behaviors to indicate the potential crackers, and which IP is the host used by the crackers.- Remote control with web interface. - In most time, staffs of MIS dept. need to monitor the servers in the machine room. For security issue, that's necessary. But who knows, sometimes we will need to monitor the server or process the procedures outside of the machine room. E.g., your boss is on the phone, he just grabs you on the phone to solve some situations, or you are discussing with the ISP's stafss, or you are going out for business. With the situations, you must need the remote control.

RaidenDNSD DNS Server is the easiest DNS ...

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  • Raiden DNSD
  • 1.3.15
  • Team Johnlong
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista
  • Shareware
  • 2.6 Mb
  • 173

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