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This compressed, ZIP-format file contains a 60-day free trial of these products: * ProCurve Manager Plus version 3.0, * ProCurve Mobility Manager version 3.0, * ProCurve Identity Driven Manager version 3.0, and * ProCurve Network Immunity Manager version 2.0To install the product after downloading the zip file, extract the files and execute the file "install.exe". You will need a minimum of a 2 GHz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent processor, 2 GB RAM and 60 GB of free disk space to install the ProCurve Manager software.If you are using prior versions of ProCurve Manager Plus and Identity Driven Manager, you will need to install the PCM 3.0 and IDM 3.0 software on a separate system in order to get the 60-day free trial. If you install the newer version over your pre-existing installation, you will not be able to revert to your previous version at the end of the trial period, due to changes in the underlying database and the client GUI. ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 (PCM+) or newer is licensed by number of network devices managed and remote Agents required. There are three levels of license: 50-device limited license plus 1 Agent, +100-device incremental license plus 1 Agent, and an unlimited device license and all supported Agents. PCM+ 2.0 or newer licenses can upgrade to PCM+ 3.0 with the purchase of a PCM+ 3.0 50-device (J9173A) or unlimited device upgrade (J9176A) license. * J9174A ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0, Entry level software with 50-device license * J9175A ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 - 100-device license * J9177A ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 - unlimited device license * J9173A ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 - upgrade from PCM+ 2.x - 50-device license * J9176A ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 - upgrade from PCM+ 2.x unlimited device license to PCM+ 3.0 unlimited device licenseProCurve Mobility Module 3.0 (PMM 3.0) - is a plug-in module to PCM+ 3.0 that provides additional management capabilities for ProCurve wireless access points and Wireless Edge Services Modules.For new PMM users: * J9291A HP ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0, 50- device license * J9292A HP ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0, 100- device license * J9293A HP ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0, unlimited device license For IDM 3.0, there are two levels of license available for purchase. The base product license is for 500 users, and you can purchase additional 2000-user licenses as needed to manage large user environments. * J9012A ProCurve Identity Driven Manager 3.0 - 500-user license * J9013A ProCurve Identity Driven Manager 3.0 - upgrade from IDM 2.x to IDM 3.0, 500-user license * J9014A ProCurve Identity Driven Manager 3.0 - additional 2000-user licenseNetwork Immunity Manager 2.0 (NIM 2.0) is an add-on module to PCM+ 3.0 that provides additional management capabilities in detecting and taking action against network traffic threats. There are three levels of additional licenses: * J9161A HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager 2.0 - 50-device license * J9162A HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager 2.0 -100-device license * J9163A HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager 2.0 - unlimited device licenseNotes: 1. ProCurve Manager version 3.0 (PCM 3.0) is not backward compatible with earlier versions. Once you have installed PCM 3.0 on the management server, you cannot revert to a previously installed version. 2. ProCurve Manager cannot be run on the same workstation as HP TopTools.

This compressed, ZIP-format file contains a ... ProCurve Manager Plus 3.

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