NetCrunch v.12.1.1


NetCrunch Suite is an all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management system, capable of monitoring every device in your network. Monitor bandwidth, availability, performance, services, NetFlow and more. Automatically generate views and maps and real-time displays. Receive alerts via email, SMS, pop-up, or configure NetCrunch to take automatic corrective actions like restarting a service or running a script.

NetCrunch monitors all leading operating systems like Windows, Linux, VMware ESX/ESXi, Mac OS X, and BSD. All without requiring agents or SNMP.

It also monitors the performance and availability of 70 network services, including Ping, HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, FTP, DNS, SMTP, and more.

A Netflow traffic server is included, that integrates network traffic flow data from a range of devices using all popular protocols like: IPFix, NetFlow (v5 & v9), JFlow, netStream, CFlow, AppFlow, sFlow, rFlow and Cisco NBAR.

NetCrunch Suite supports all SNMP versions including version 3 with support for version 3 traps. It uses the SNMP protocol to monitor routers, switches, printers, firewalls, sensors, and other network devices. Along with over 8500 included MIBs, NetCrunch also features a MIB compiler so you can easily add new MIBs to the program library.

Open Monitor gives you easy way to connect data from any source, be it an application or a device. It allows for the easy delivery of any counter data to NetCrunch Suite. It can be a script (i.e, VBScript, PowerShell, Javascript) running on the NetCrunch Server or an application. Data can also be sent to NetCrunch from any remote system simply using REST API.

With over 160 predefined Monitoring Packs for operating systems and SNMP manageable network devices, NetCrunch can identify, configure, and begin monitoring your network's devices out of the box. Baseline thresholds and range triggers learn your network and alert you to unexpected changes. Monitoring dependencies prevent alert floods.

Automated network monitoring and management. An all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management system, capable of monitoring every device in your network. Monitor bandwidth, availability, performance and NetFlow. Automatic views and maps. All leading operating systems supported.

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  • NetCrunch
  • 12.1.1
  • 23 Jul 22
  • AdRem Software, Inc.
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
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  • $5890.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
12.1.1 23.07.2022 Fixed the following critical issues:
 Large Event Database could not be imported to version 12.
 Can't add anything to business status node.
 In certain condition console could crash on start.
12 19.05.2022 Fixes: DB Sensors couldn't connect to Firebird databases using ODBC drivers Search not working in alerts/history tab Unable to decode syslog message without RFC header Atlas options where not saved on service shutdown Unexpected timeout in Python parsers Overall stability improvements and more 05.01.2017 NetCrunch 9.3 brings hundreds of changes and 30 new features. A revamped GUI that is even more intuitive than before, live up/down traffic on physical segments, Active Directory auto rescanning, a new dashboard for smaller networks, and two-way integration with 21 messaging services and help desks.
9.0 02.11.2015 NetCrunch 9 adds Cisco IP SLA support, our GrafCrunch fork of Grafana, conditional alerts and advanced correlation, new status widgets, and a 64-bit server that now supports over 600,000 sensors on a single server, which can be a virtual machine.
8.7.2 08.07.2015 NetCrunch 8.7 has 100s of changes from previous versions. Upgraded flow monitoring for NetFlow, sFlow, and Cisco NBAR. New GUI with real-time widgets. Alert correlation & resolution, high precision network performance monitoring, SNMPv3 traps, baseline and range triggers, 7000+ SNMP MIBs, and more!
8.3 29.10.2014 NetCrunch 8 has over 600 changes, fixes and performance improvements from NetCrunch 7. We have added as many new features as the previous 3 versions combined. Alert correlation & resolution, high precision performance monitoring, SNMPv3 traps, baseline and range triggers, 3500+ SNMP MIBs, and more!

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