Net Meter Pro v.6.03


Net Meter Pro 6.03 is a powerful application for personal network monitoring application, which allows you to log bandwidth usage, IP address changes and weekly/monthly data transfer statistics. You can set data transfer quota limits and receive an alert when your limit was reached, watch a real-time network traffic graph and view long term reports with 3D charts. Other features include an option to sync your PC clock with an online time server, export to .csv format and an on-demand upload/download counter. Version 6.03 fixes a license issue.

Net Meter Pro 6.03 is a powerful application ...

  • Net Meter Pro
  • 6.03
  • Wizard Software
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Trial
  • 1.6 Mb
  • 216
  • $9.95

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