LinScope v.0.3.2


LinScope is GUI(QT), port scanner with enumerating windows network shares (SMB). LinScope can save favorites list. You can add different ip address ranges and scan them apart or together. Linscope searches FTP and HTTP services too. LinScope project works in large networks and internet, where broadcast traffic is disabled(uses direct ip address and rpcclient from samba). User could manually assign command s for opening shares, apart for ftp,http and smb. Installation: 1. From source linscope-X.X.X.tar.gz. - You need gcc, make, QT 3.3.X(or later 3 series) with qmake, uic, moc. - tar xvzf linscope-X.X.X.tar.gz - cd LinScope/linscope/ - qmake - make Copy "lrpcscanip" and "linscope" to any directory existing in $PATH. 2. From binary linscope-X.X.X-bin.tar.gz. - Unpack - Copy "lrpcscanip" and "linscope" to any directory existing in $PATH. Enhancements: - "find" & "find next" now works - changed ip addresses sort order in listview - "add comment" now copyies previous comment - "hide offline" action now available - russian translation

LinScope is GUI(QT), port scanner with ...

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  • LinScope
  • 0.3.2
  • Afrit
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