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DeskAlerts - desktop alert software is the easiest way to provide your customers with your news and alerts. This is a small software sits in customer Windows taskbar and pops up window every time you send broadcast message. You even can send personalized messages.This is more effective than e-mail or RSS. Your message will be delivered with 100% guarantee. No spam filters, no obsolete addresses. Your customers don't need to know what RSS is and what to do with it. They need to download small application only.DeskAlerts FeaturesA robust and easy-to use desktop alert systemDeskAlerts has been specifically developed as an internal messaging, emergency alert, and notification system. Our server-side and client-side software offer an extensive range of features which add up to a very robust solution that delivers the functionality you need in order to keep everyone informed.DeskAlerts Server Features * Easy to install - in minutes * Easy to use * Web-based control panel * 100% guaranteed alert delivery * Instant delivery * Works with besttoolbars * Message templates * Design eye-catching content * Send flash, video, audio, and documents * RSS support * Scheduled messages * Urgent alerts * Message tracking * User tracking * Extended statistics * Instant surveys * Personalized alerts * Multiple User groups * Message encryption * Active Directory/LDAP support * Centralized data storage * Mobile device support DeskAlerts Client Features * Easy to install and configure * Small client application size * Network load optimization * Stand-alone application * Fully customizable * Custom menu * Message history * Smart Activity Tracking (SAT) * Connection checking * Automatic upgrades * Full Vista support * Sound notification * Disable closing * Disable uninstalling DeskAlerts ServerEasy to install - in hoursDeskAlerts software comes with a simple installation wizard and can be installed company-wide within a few hours.Easy to useDeskAlerts is extremely intuitive and user-friendly; just click the 'Send Alert' button and follow the wizard.Web-based control panelDeskAlerts' web-based control panel makes it possible to access your account and send alerts from any web-enabled device with an internet connection.100% guaranteed alert deliveryDeskAlerts guarantees that every message will be shown on the desktop. The DeskAlerts server checks every message sent to every user, and confirms message receipt.Instant deliveryYour alert can be delivered to thousands of users within a minute. Delivery time settings are adjustable to allow for varying server capacity limits.Works with besttoolbars *Besttoolbars, used with the DeskAlerts server, is a customizable toolbar platform that sits on the user's desktop, sending alerts and providing a direct, one-click interface to your website.Message templatesPre-made message templates allow you to quickly create your alerts, and the DeskAlerts control panel allows you to work with multiple alert templates.Design eye-catching contentMessages can be sent in any format desired; you can work with colors, fonts, and styling, or use HTML text to create an attention-grabbing message.Send flash, video, audio, and documentsAdd images, animation, video, flash presentations, audio, and attached documents to your alerts. Rich interaction increases user interest and information retention.RSS supportDeskAlerts allows you to subscribe your users to RSS feeds, both individually and in groups, with administrator-controlled subscriptions.Schedule message deliveryYou can schedule your alerts to be sent on an appointed date and time, as well as to automatically expire after the alert message is no longer valid.Urgent alertsUrgent alerts are specifically for sending emergency alerts. They have a higher status and will be displayed even to users who have disabled alerts, on terminals that are in stand-by mode, or on top of any other alerts.Message trackingThe DeskAlerts control panel allows you to track how many message were sent, as well as how many were opened and clicked.User trackingUsing the DeskAlerts control panel you can track users, view their latest activity, or see who's online at any given moment.Extended StatisticsWith this add-on, the DeskAlerts control panel provides enhanced statistics by dates. You can get results by users, alerts, or surveys, and check to see who hasn't read or received alerts.Instant surveysThe Survey Manager add-on allows you to create and send an instant survey. DeskAlerts surveys can be created within seconds and deliver results within minutes. It's the fastest way to get feedback from your employees.Personalized alertsDeskAlerts can be addressed to a specific user. This feature helps personalize your alert communication with each individual employee.Multiple User groupsDeskAlerts supports multi-level groups. You can separate users by offices or departments and send information which is relevant only for this group.Message encryptionThe Encryption add-on encrypts all messages sent between the DeskAlerts server and client with 128 bit encoding. This add-on is for organizations that use public networks to connect the client to the server, as well as for those with heightened security concerns.Active Directory/LDAP supportIf your company uses Active Directory, the Active Directory / LDAP add-on allows you to synchronize DeskAlerts with your Active Directory in real time, significantly speeding up deployment and increasing usability. The Active Directory/LDAP add-on supports synchronization across unlimited domains.Centralized data storageAll DeskAlerts data is stored in a secure Microsoft SQL database. Data centralization allows you full tracking and reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to easily backup or move data to another server in case of hardware failure.Mobile device supportDeskAlerts can send alerts to mobile devices via SMS. You can notify your employees in case of emergency, even if they're away from their computers or your company experiences network or power failures.DeskAlerts ClientEasy to install and configureThe administrator can easily install DeskAlerts on the client side by using the configuration wizard. There is no need to configure firewalls, proxies, or internet settings, as the Client uses a standard HTTP port 80 and automatically acquires all internet settings from Internet Explorer.Small client application sizeThe DeskAlerts client is very compact and requires minimal system resources.Network load optimizationThe Desktop client has been optimized to require fewer bandwidth resources. When users are away from their computers, the Desktop client goes to stand-by mode to reduce the traffic load.Standalone ApplicationThe DeskAlerts desktop client is a standalone application that provides support for older Windows versions, terminal services, and multiple user accounts on a single workstation.Fully customizableDeskAlerts comes with a Client Customizer that allows you to build fully custom desktop clients; you can use your own icons, logos, and customize the colors to provide each office or location with a customized DeskAlerts version.Custom menuYou can change any menu structures by removing options or adding shortcuts to your intranet site, forums, or software programs to help ease navigation of your corporate resources.Message historyAll DeskAlerts clients keep a message history so that your employees can quickly search and reference received alerts.Smart Activity Tracking (SAT)DeskAlerts uses SAT; when alert is received, SAT can track the user's activity to determine whether the user has actually read the alert before closing it.Connection checkingThe desktop client automatically checks for the server connection and warns users when the connection is lost.Automatic UpgradesThe DeskAlerts client supports automatic upgrades, without affecting changes you have made in the application.Full Vista SupportDeskAlerts supports VistaSound notificationThe desktop client will play a sound to attract attention as new messages arrive. Users can turn the sound on or off.Disable closingDeskAlerts can be configured by the administrator to prevent closing itself. This prevents users from accidentally closing the application.Disable uninstallingDeskAlerts can be configured to prevent it from uninstalling itself. The administrator can configure the client so that it can be uninstalled from various locations. This prevents users from accidentally removing the application.* available only in early beta.

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