Cute Password Manager Pro 2009 v.1.3.11


Cute Password Manager Pro 2009 1.3.11 is a useful program which logs you into Web sites and fills forms faster, easier, and more securely.Cute Password Manager memorizes each user ID and password the first time you log into a site and automatically supplies them when you return. Cute Password Manager can help you secure your passwords from spyware, trojans, and Phishing. It's easy-to-use, fast, and efficient.Major Benefits:Increase your productivity and save time1-Click Login: Logs you into online bank sites with a single click.Form Filler: Fills forms on online shopping sites you visited.Bookmark Manager: Storages your favorite websites.Better protect and manage your online accountsPassword Management: Create/modify/delete/clone your web accounts.AES Encryption: Encrypts your web accounts with strong encryption.Password Generator: Generates strong passwords for you.Backup / Restore Utility: Backsup and Restores your web accounts more easier.Protect your identity against Identity TheftAnti-Phishing: Protects your web accounts from phishingAnti-Keyloggers: Protects your web accounts from keyloggingLocal Storage: Stores your web accounts on local. Major Features:Make your surfing experience smootherAutoSave passwords in browser. CPM offers to save the online login form into InfoCard when you click Login/Submit button on the web page.AutoFill passwords to login form. CPM offers to fill the saved online passwords into online form when you visit the page for which passwords were saved.True 1-click Login. A single Login command causes: (i) navigation to a site login page, (ii) automatic filling of the login form, (iii) submission of the login form.Save And Go to Bookmark. Every page with forms can be saved as InfoCard or Bookmark. Bookmark is a InfoCard without form fields.Select bookmark from Logins menu and CPM will navigate your browser to itAnti-Phishing. CPM fighting Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites.Reduce All Your Passwords to Just One. All your passwords is protected with a Master Password of your choice. You remember one Master Password and CPM remembers the rest.Make your InfoCards (userIDs and passwords) more secureStrong Encryption Algorithms Used. CPM encrypts your passwords with 256-bit AES algorithm into your local hard drive.Encryption by Master Password. You can protect all your InfoCards with the Master Password thus making them inaccessible to unauthorized users and unreadable by hackers even if they are stolen.Defeat Keyloggers. When CPM enters the saved password into form fields, it is not typing them through keyboard, so if a keylogger is installed on your computer and it is monitoring keyboard events for passwords, it will get no keyboard clicks when you use CPM to enter passwords.Auto-Logoff. You can ask CPM to purge cached Master Password from memory after a specified period of inactivity.Change Master Password. You can ask CPM to reprotect all InfoCards with the new Master Password.Generate strong passwords. Generate strong passwords that hackers cannot guess.Manage your InfoCards (userIDs and passwords)Edit/Delete/Clone/Create/Print/Email your Infocards. You can maintain InfoCards by InfoCards Editor.Backup and Restore. Backup and Restore commands are provided.Imports/Exports Infocards. CPM can import your passwords from IE Cached file, Roboform Passcards and your own flat file. Exports Infocards to excel, text file.Take your passwords with you anywhere you goPortability on USB and Removable Drives. CPM2Go (portable version of CPM) can be carried on USB key or any removable drive.Enhancements: Fixes the bug that CPM can't auto-log into some Web sites.

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  • Cute Password Manager Pro 2009
  • 1.3.11
  • iBit-Lab
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Trial
  • 6.7 Mb
  • 258
  • $24.95

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