Content Management System v.1


Content Management System 1 is such a useful Web application that is launched with an aim to simplify the static content management of the Web sites.The content is described in secure administrative interface as the hierarchy of folders, documents and includable text fragments mirroring the logical and physical structure of the Web site. The documents are then generated according to the described rules and saved in the file system of the Web site. Major Features:Easy to maintain similarities - since system offers inheritance similar elements are defined once and then inherited from parents automatically. For example code for navigation is defined once and it is inserted to all the documents except files where it is explicitly excluded or changed,Easy to maintain differences - with the inheritance in place, the differences are described locally only where they are needed without affecting other files. For example if several pages have to use different layout then webmaster defines that alternative layout (once) and assigns it only to those particular page,System can be used on top of the existing scripts based solution - the server side scripts will generate the dynamic content (i.e. confirmation page with results of visitor's submission) while SCMS will help manage all the rest resources that are contain static or rarely changing content (i.e. company info, products list etc). Additionally the code of the server side scripts can be managed using the SCMS,Effective server resources utilization and improved website performance - all static content is generated and saved to server's disk. During the request the content is pulled from the static file, no resource hungry scripts are invoked. Additionally static part of dynamic script can be optimized with this system. Example: the shopping cart has list of special offers, while content of the shopping cart is dynamic and must be generated for the visitor upon the request, the text of special offers may not be dependent on the visitor's interaction so in this case it can be pre-generated by SCMS and saved in the shopping cart template used by the dynamic script.Better search engines rating - with the maintenance simplified for the static documents the webmaster can afford to have more of them thus improving the rating of each resource and website as whole (for explanations see the section above).Requirements: Web server: any web server supporting CGIScripting Language: Perl v.5+Modules: CGI, HTML:Template, DBI, DBD:MySQL, URI:Escape, Time:Local, Data:DumperDatabase: MySQLPermissions: database read/write, disk read/write

Content Management System 1 is such a useful ...

  • Content Management System
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