BatchXSLT for InDesign 1102E


BatchXSLT for InDesign 1102E offers a professional utility to convert InDesign documents into an easy to understand general purpose XML format and to a 'ready to use' flip page eBook, effortless, without having to go through a long configuration process for each document. It also converts original high resolution images (like PDF, EPS or TIFF) into the JPEG format usable on the web. The exported XML or HTML data may be used and viewed 'as is' as flip page eBook. As the data is plain understandable XML, it may be used for any other purpose like database archives, to distribute on a CD or to create an own dedicated output format matching a certain DTD.Output Formats: Plain XML and HTML - NO FLASH. XML suitable for any application. Flip Page eBook as XML and HTMLArticle List as XML and HTMLXML Treeexpandable with your own dedicated XSL transformation, JAVA libraries, JavaScript to adjust the output exactly fitting your application Major Features:Full-Text Search on multiple issues and on PDF adsActive clickable links to shops, web-sites, internal pages, email addresses and moreCreates article groups including linked imagesExports scalable images as JPEG, GIF or PNG for the web applicationsExports PDFs from whole documents and single pagesAdjustable with external CSS and JavaScriptTool to upload exported data to a web serverTool to create and load the full-text search databaseosCommerce shop connection (optional)Included full-text search system based on MySQL and PHP.Automated export of InDesign documents to XML and flip page eBooksXML and HTML display as flip page ePaper (eBook) or XML tree in a browserMerge boxes into article groupsConvert tables to HTML tablesAutomatically creates CSS matching the original InDesign document's stylesFonts replacementCreation of active hyperlinksIntegrated image converters 'Ghostscript' and 'ImageMagick'Convert high resolution images (TIFF, EPS...) to JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFFExport images in multiple sizesConfigurable DPI and image quality.Enhancements:Increased performance for table exportsExport two different sizes of the same imageSpecify Image sizes as a scale factor, fixed width or height in pixelThe second (usually the larger) image is shown when clicking on the first image. This behaviour can be adjustedSharpen, adjust brightness and contrast and around 30 other effects for exported JPEGsExport images from original or like cropped and shown in InDesignMark boxes and images which should not be exported (like background boxes or adds)Export of InDesign Text VariablesImproved handling of rotated objectsImproved handling of table bordersAnd some bug fixes

BatchXSLT for InDesign 1102E offers a ...

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  • BatchXSLT for InDesign 1102E
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