PgpGUI v.1.2


The pgpGUI program provides graphical user inerface (front-end) controlled from command line for Network Associates PGP (or PGP freeware) for Windows version 6.5.x or higher.seach 8.1 licence pgp. This samples of possible command line directives: Encryption of outgoing file: C:PROGRA~1pgpGUIpgpGUI.exe /OwnerKey=Maxim /AddresseeKey=Dima /Action=1 /SourceFile=c:tmptest.txt /Target=c:tmp /RunAfterExecute Decryption of incoming file: C:PROGRA~1pgpGUIpgpGUI.exe /OwnerKey=Maxim /AddresseeKey=Dima /Action=4 /SourceFile=c:tmptest.txt.pgp /Target=c:tmp /RunAfterExecute /Password=YourPassword

The pgpGUI program provides graphical user ...

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