Windows Access Server v.2.0Build2921


With a very affordable price, WAC Server provides some important features that you can't find anywhere else. The followings are just some highlights of the wonderful features in WAC Server:Total Integration: WAC Server integrates a telnet server, SSH server and serial port server into one compact package. Complete SSH Support: WAC Server supports both SSH1 and SSH2. It supports shell access, remote exec, SFTP server, as well as two-way port forwarding.Remote Control: Once you logged onto WAC Server, you can have full access to the server machine (subject to Windows and WAC Server access control). Session Inter-operation: User sessions to WAC Server can inter-operate with each other. Users can send instant messages to other session. Toolkit Applications: WAC Server is bundled with a great collection of text-based applications that help you to do daily jobs and administrative work remotely.Client Side Printing: While you remotely run applications on the server machine, you can print locally on the most convenient printer.Server Administration: System administrators can easily setup access control plans for WAC Server. Access can be granted or revoked to users, user groups, or hosts, for different type of services. Network Efficiency: When remotely accessing a computer over a low-speed network, it's very important that the server uses only limited bandwidth.

With a very affordable price, WAC Server ... WAC Server is an efficient and full-featured telnet and SSH server ...

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  • Windows Access Server
  • 2.0Build2921
  • Foxit Corporation
  • WinXP, Win2000
  • Shareware
  • 2.68 Mb
  • 213
  • $99.00

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