Wake Up Call v.1.1


Wake Up Call is a simple, fully customizable alarm clock program for Newton OS 2.1. Features include: Audio Recordings - Not only can Wake Up Call use any installed system sound, but it also takes full advantage of the advanced audio capabilities of the Newton OS 2.1 to allow you to create audio recordings to use as your own personal wake up call. Use sounds, recordings, or both, with independent volume settings. Foolproof Interface - Have you ever set your alarm for 8:00, only to wake up late and find that you had set it for 8:00 PM by mistake? Ever stopped the alarm when you meant to snooze? These things will never happen with Wake Up Call. The clear digital display is easy to use and the time remaining is displayed right in the main window (but you can turn it off if it is too depressing). The alarm screen features a giant snooze button, with the Stop button tucked safely out of the way. The Extras Drawer icon changes so you know whether the alarm is on or not, without even opening the app. Also, the Test Alarm button in the preferences window allows you to instantly preview how your alarm will sound with one tap. Heavy Sleeper Options - Sometimes the best part of waking up is going back to sleep. Thats why Wake Up Call features a nice finger-sized Custom Snooze menu, which lets you decide on the fly to skip that first morning class or meeting, and snooze for a couple more hours. But for those times when it is really important, you can turn on Wake Up Calls option to confirm alarm shutoff--making sure that when you stop the alarm, you dont go back to sleep (if you dont acknowledge the confirmation, it snoozes instead of stopping).

Wake Up Call is a simple, fully customizable ...

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