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The VmDetect application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to detect if your program is running inside a Virtual Machine.Will detect two well known machine virtualization software:- Microsoft's Virtual PC - VMWareVirtual machine software are software that emulate a given machine's architecture using software (code) instead of relying on hardware, thus allowing a code to be executed in that virtual machine as if it is being run from a real machine.Till today, these software are far from being perfect, and emulating a given real machine still poses many challenges due to complexities involved when trying to emulate every component of a given machine.Both Virtual PC and VMWare allow you to install "add-in"s to accelerate emulation, allow drag-n-drop from your real desktop to your virtual desktop, and allow file sharing between your real machine and the virtual machine.In order to accomplish this task, a communication mechanism between the virtual machine software and the virtual machine itself must exist.This sort of interfacing is called a "backdoor interfacing", since, using a special / undocumented mechanism, certain commands can be carried and interpreted in a different manner (by the virtual machine software) unlike having them interpreted by the real machine.

The VmDetect application was developed to be a ... Detect if your program is running inside a Virtual Machine ...

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