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Uninstaller 1.13 is created to be an effective tool which enables you to uninstall applications by finding and deleting new created items on your disk since a previous saved state. Uninstaller can also be used to just check changes (new, modified and removed files) made on disks or folders between two dates.Uninstaller takes snapshots of your disk or folder item hierarchies and compare them to find changes. Lists, scans and states can be saved or exported for comparisons and delayed deletions. Infos and various operations could be done on selected items. Uninstaller could also archive and restore items and create uninstall shell scripts. Available localizations: EN, FR.Functions:Scan and compare disk or folder item hierarchies to find new, modified and removed itemsCan be launched with root privileges to find ALL changesVarious operation could be done on found items including archive and restoreImport/export item lists and disc/folder statesGenerate uninstall shell scriptsInformation tool which allow you to manually change creation and modification date of files and folders dragged insideMajor Features:Saved states: Since version 1.11, Uninstaller does no longer create invisible ".uis" files to store saved states. All states are now stored in the "~/Application Support/Uninstaller/" folder. This allow to backup or remove all the saved states in one step.Opening and saving lists:Lists are collections of file paths.When new, modified or removed items are found, you can save the list of your choice to use it later.Note: You can also open a saved state with the "Open" menu option or toolbar item. This allows you to see the scanned content of an item.Exporting states: Like lists, states are collection of file paths but they can include some other informations like the modification dates used to check modified items.You can use the export functions in the "File" menu to copy the saved or current state to another place of your hard disk. By exporting states you can compare the content of an item at different dates with the actual content.Scan options:Uninstaller allows you to choose the deep level of the scan to ignore subfolders begining at a chosen sublevel. You can also choose to exclude some items (files and folders) from scan by dragging them to the exclude list or use the "Exclude" button/contextual menu option. Excluded items will be ignored for the next states and will appear as "removed items" if a state was already saved without excluding them.Scan level and exclusion are noted beetwen square brackets in the "Saved state:" and "Current state:" lines.Scan modification date and modified items:To check future modified items you must save with this option selected first.Scan with modification dates is slower so you can unselect this option when you don't care about modified items.states that include modification dates are noted with a "+" in the "Saved state:" and "Current state:" lines.Archive and restore:You can archive the existing items displayed in a list by selecting "Archive list..." in the "File" menu.Archiving is an easy way to store items before deletion and to restore them later to re-install a software.Because Uninstaller store original items locations, archiving items allows you to create installers.Unarchiving create or override existing items based on items locations stored in the archive.Unarchiving create or override datas, resources and attributes (dates, permissions, etc...) for each stored item.Cut, copy and paste items:You can "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste" items between Uninstaller lists and the Informations window.You can also Paste items paths into a text document and vice-versa.Informations tool:The Informations tool allows quick access to Finder informations by dragging any Finder or Uninstaller list items in the Informations window.Date columns are editable and provide a simple way to modify some Finder informations.Generate uninstall shell scripts:By choosing "Generate uninstall shell script..." in the "File" menu, you can create a Terminal executable shell script which will remove the files and folders listed in "New items" from your hard disk. After showing you the files and folders to remove, the Terminal will ask for your password to confirm the deletion. These scripts just look the first hierarchic level of the new items list: folders will be fully removed even if you have excluded sub-items from them in the list with Uninstaller.Use saved states created with previous versions of Uninstaller:Uninstaller now stores all saved states in one place: the "~/Application Support/Uninstaller/" folder. To find changes from saved states created with previous versions of Uninstaller, you have to move first the old saved states to the new place by using the "Uninstaller->Collect old saved states..." menu option. When you select this option, Uninstaller will ask you to select a disk or a folder and then move all saved states found in the selected item, and all its sub folders, to the new place.Requirements:MacOS 10.4 (Tiger) or MacOS 10.5 (Leopard) or MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)Uninstaller 1.10.5 for MacOS 10.2.8 (Jaguar) and 10.3.x (Panther)

Uninstaller 1.13 is created to be an effective ...

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