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Type Xe is a word processing utility designed to dramatically reduce the time you spend typing on your computer. It allows you to easily manage the phrases that you type often in a central place from where you can paste them easy using a shortkey. The program works with any text editor! Do I need Type Xe? Many computer jobs, require typing a lot of redundant text: the same phrases, greetings, e-mail signatures and URLs over and over again. This is especially true for people who provide technical support via e-mail, because most questions have already been asked and answered numerous times before. With Type Xe, you can save the text you type more often in a tree like organized database and associate them with a short key phrase. Just by simply typing the key phrase ( for example: "backupnotcomp" ) you will trigger Type Xe which will paste the phrase associated with it ( for example: "The backup created is not compatible in the following situations... What can do to solve the problem is... etc " ) into the active application! You can also setup key shortcuts for vertical menus from which you can select the desired phrase to be pasted. While working in any application, you can simply press the assigned shortcut and the Type Xe vertical menu will appear on screen right under your mouse cursor, letting you select what phrase should be pasted!Features: The phrases database is organised in an easy to browse tree-like structure Long phrases, can contain up to 89534 characters! Rich text phrases are supported, you can paste formatted text with pictures and links Key shortcuts can be associated with any category of phrases, for easy selection and paste! The number of folder and phrases supported is huge, limited only by the resources of your computer! The interface is easy to use and intuitive Multi-language user interface support, including: English, French, German, and Romanian Why Type Xe? Type Xe is one of the few edge cutting software solutions designed to reduce the time you spend typing at your computer, by inserting the text which is often used. Not only that the competition is very litle, but Type Xe is much easier to use, and it works with any text editor! You can answer more than twice as many emails as before! You can save up to several hours daily!

Type Xe is a word processing utility designed ...

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  • Type Xe
  • 1.0
  • Amic Utilities.
  • WinXP, WinME, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Win98, Win95
  • Shareware
  • 1.66 Mb
  • 318

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