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This page has news, information, documentation and links software for the sysstat utilities that I created for Linux. The sysstat utilities are a collection of performance monitoring tools for Linux. These include sar, sadf, mpstat, iostat, nfsiostat, cifsiostat, pidstat and sa tools. Go to the Features page to display a list of sysstat's features, or see the Documentation page to learn some more about them.Sysstat is Open Source / Free Software, and is freely available under the GNU General Public License, version 2. Sysstat's main features: * Includes four groups of monitoring tools (sar / sadc / sadf, iostat / nfsiostat / cifsiostat, mpstat, pidstat) for global system performance analysis. * Can monitor a huge number of different metrics: 1. Input / Output and transfer rate statistics (global, per device, per partition, per network filesystem and per Linux task / PID). 2. CPU statistics (global, per CPU and per Linux task / PID), including support for virtualization architectures. 3. Memory, hugepages and swap space utilization statistics. 4. Virtual memory, paging and fault statistics. 5. Per-task (per-PID) memory and page fault statistics. 6. Global CPU and page fault statistics for tasks and all their children. 7. Process creation activity. 8. Interrupt statistics (global, per CPU and per interrupt, including potential APIC interrupt sources, hardware and software interrupts). 9. Extensive network statistics: network interface activity (number of packets and kB received and transmitted per second, etc.) including failures from network devices; network traffic statistics for IP, TCP, ICMP and UDP protocols based on SNMPv2 standards; support for IPv6-related protocols. 10. NFS server and client activity. 11. Socket statistics. 12. Run queue and system load statistics. 13. Kernel internal tables utilization statistics. 14. System and per Linux task switching activity. 15. Swapping statistics. 16. TTY device activity. 17. Power management statistics (instantaneous and average CPU clock frequency, fans speed, devices temperature, voltage inputs). * Average statistics values are calculated over the sampling period. * Most system statistics can be saved in a file for future inspection. * Allows to configure the length of data history to keep. * On the fly detection of new devices (disks, network interfaces, etc.) that are created or registered dynamically. * Support for UP and SMP machines, including machines with hyperthreaded or multi-core processors. * Support for hotplug CPUs (it detects automagically processors that are disabled or enabled on the fly) and tickless CPUs. * Works on many different architectures, whether 32- or 64-bit. * Needs very little CPU time to run (written in C). * System statistics can be exported in various different formats (CSV, XML, etc.). DTD and XML Schema documents are included in sysstat package. * Internationalization support (sysstat has been translated into numerous different languages). Sysstat is now part of the Translation Project. * Many programs available on the internet to use sysstat's data to make graphs (one of them, isag, is included in sysstat).

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