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In Tools menu click Spelling/Check Spelling to check the spelling of the active document. If you are using built-in spell checker, the spell check function always starts from the current position of the document, otherwise it will start from the beginning of the document. If Check spelling as you type option is enabled, Maple checks spelling and grammar automatically as you type, using wavy red underlines to indicate possible spelling problems.When a word is not found in the dictionary, it will be selected in the editor and reported in the spell checker window. Maple will start searching through the dictionary for words similar to the misspelled one, and show them in the list.If the word is misspelled, you can type in the correctly spelled word in the Replace with field. You can also click on an item in the list with Maple suggestions and click Change. Click Change All to replace the misspelled word with the replacement every time it is found during the current Maple session. Click Add to add the misspelled word in the custom dictionary. Click Cancel to cancel spelling.To configure the spelling options, in Preferences dialog open Spelling section and click Settings. Ignore words in uppercase - specify if words in uppercase should be ignored. Ignore words containing numbers - specify if words containing numbers should be ignored. Ignore markup languages - specify if HTML and XML should be ignored. Ignore Internet addresses - specify if hotlinks and e-mail addresses should be ignored. Ignore quoted lines - specify if quoted lines should be ignored. Ignore abbreviations - specify if abbreviations should be ignored. Suggest from main dictionary only - specify if suggestions should only be generated from the main spelling dictionary. Prompt on repeated words - specify that the spell checker should prompt when encountering repeated words.By default, the spell checker supports the U.S. English spelling dictionary only. To add support of other languages

In Tools menu click Spelling/Check Spelling to ...

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