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Address labeling software: SenLab is address label printing software which is simple and easy. It uses a text file of addresses and formats them onto label templates shrinking the text to fit. This is how to print address labels quickly and easily. Address label programs are often too difficult to use. If you want to know how to print address labels quickly and easily try the SenLab demo it may be just what you need. Many people print address labels for their Christmas list, for mail order lists, for newsletters and clubs. When looking for software to print labels SenLab address labelling software is simple and reliable. Other uses are return address labels, cable labels, wine labels, herb labels, party labels, club labels and many more. SenLab is compatible with many label makes and comes with a set of Avery label templates.SenLab02 is a development of SenLab01. Now you can add graphics to your labels. Other enhancements include repeating labels and starting at a specific label on the page. This is simple robust software to print labels with added functionality.SenLab02 includes the conversion application ConvertCsv and the holly graphic shown in this illustration. It also comes with a number of preformatted templates and some example files. It is designed to take a text file (.txt) of addresses and produce formatted labels from it.My problem was that I wanted to print address labels from my list of addresses but most labelling (labeling) software makes this very difficult with all sorts of clever ways of formatting fields, positioning them, allocating fonts and font attributes and no end of clever ways of attaching fields to databases of all descriptions ...STOP --- I just want address labels...So I wrote this program. 1. Create the label template. 2. Dump addresses in a text file. 3. Point the program at it. 4. Print the labels.

Address labeling software: SenLab is address ...

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