Ruby v.0.90.2


A program designed to catalog the files on any media connected to a computer. The media can consist of CD-Rs, DVDs, USB drives, etc. A search can be initiated on the database just like the Windows Find feature. Find the disc that a particular file is on with this utility. Can also catalog floppies, Zip disks, other removable media, and even hard drives. Available as shareware. Send me feedback or recommendations on adding a feature.

A program designed to catalog the files on any ...

ruby, advanced cd catalog, catalog cd list, catalog cd -music, catalog, database, cdr, search utility, removable storage, media, csv, mp3, explore, md5, bar code, pdf, cover, language, apu, abel 039

  • Shareware
  • 5.2 Mb
  • 109
  • $18.95

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