Rsync Vault Manager v.1.07


RVM is an archive manager that uses rsync to manage backups of multiple clients across multiple logical partitions (vaults). It has some features that some other rsync-based backup schemes lack, such as being written in C++, needing no scripts or other programs than rsync and any binaries on which rsync depends (such as SSH), the ability to manage multiple instances of rsync connections to separate clients in parallel, the ability to use multiple logical partitions (vaults) in a configurable fashion for purporses of redundancy and added reliability, and the use of hard links for files that have not changed from one archive to the next.

RVM is an archive manager that uses rsync to ...

  • Rsync Vault Manager
  • 1.07
  • Michael Peek
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 901 Kb
  • 279
  • Free

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