Qir'at Quran Reciter for PCs v.1.05


You can now read and listen to the Noble Qur'an on your PCs, be it Linux, Windows or Mac OS X! Read the translation of your choice (English, Urdu, Indonesian, Malayu, German, Spanish, Turkish etc) whilst you listen to your favourite reciter reciting the beautiful Qur'an to you.FeaturesFull Quran with TranslationRead the Noble Qur'an from your desktop in Arabic along with the numerous translations: * English Translations: M. Mohsin Khan, Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Shakir * Urdu Translations: Ahmed Ali Lahori, Fateh M. Jalandhry * Transliteration * French Translation * German Translation * Indonesian Translation * Malayu Translation * Spanish Translation * Turkish TranslationRecitationListen to your favorite reciters. Download and manage Quranic recitation files at will. Currently supported reciters: * Sudais and Saood Shuraim * Abd-ul-Basit Abd-us-Samad * Mishary Rashed Al-Efasy * Ibrahim Akhder * Mahmoud Al-Hosary * Zaki Daghistani * Uthman SiddiqiAd-ware FREENo moving adverts, No pop-ups, No banners, No disruptions! This software is Ad-ware FREE.BookmarksDon't want to lose the last verse you were reading? Or would like to place a marker for later reading? Use the Bookmarks feature that allows you to add a custom description for each bookmark you create.LanguagesThis program supports display in three languages. All menus and options can be displayed in: * Arabic * English * FrenchEasy ZoomingZoom-in and Zoom-out the Arabic and Translated text with ease.Verse JumpingGo to a particular verse inside a loaded chapter with ease using a shortcut button.Quranic DuasFind all the Quranic Duas in one location for easy reference. Categories covered: * Faith (dETzdeOC?dEDEdededeOCZdETzdeOC ) * Submission (dETzdeOC?dETEdETzdEOaldETe) * Praise (dETzdeOC?dETzdeOC dETzdEdA) * Patience (dETzdeOC?dETAdEdudET-) * Guidance (dETzdeOC?deOCidEdcdETzdededETe) * Forgiveness (dETzdeOC?deOCZdEDodedadET-dETe) * Family (dETzdeOC?dEdldEDldET-dETe) * Provisions (dETzdeOC?dET-dEdcdeOCU) * Knowledge (dETzdeOC?dEOaldeDldeOC?deOCZ) * Thanks (dETzdeOC?dETsdeOCZdEdc) * Protection (dETzdeOC?dEOaldETzdedadededETe) * Others (dEdldEdcdEOaldededETe dEdldET«dET-deOC-)Easy CopyingSimply select the text you'd like to copy and paste it in an email, blog or a document for easy referenceNo Audio Plugin requiredQir'at Quran reciter does not require audio plugins such as 'Real Player' or 'Windows Media Player' and has fully functional integrated support for playing recitation files. This makes it ideal to install and run on any supported platform!SearchingSearch the Noble Qur'an right from your desktop!Cross PlatformAvailable for all Popular Operating Systems for Free!

You can now read and listen to the Noble ...

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