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What is ProScan?ProScan is the most user-friendly PC-based OBD-II scan tool on the market.ProScan is most frequently sold as a hardware and software bundle which contains all of the necessary cables, hardware, and software to turn any PC into an OBD-II scan tool. However, if you already own ProScan-compatible interface hardware you can simply purchase the ProScan software and use it with your existing hardware.Why do I need a ProScan scan tool?ProScan will provide you with the following benefits:- If your check engine or service engine soon light comes on, ProScan will tell you why. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap.- ProScan can read and display freeze frame data, which is a snapshot of what your car was doing when an error occured.- ProScan can clear all codes and freeze frame data.- ProScan will let you reset the check engine light, effectively turning it off.- ProScan can show you the status of your vehicle's readiness monitors, indicating emissions conformance.- ProScan can show the number and location of oxygen sensors on the vehicle.- ProScan can test your vehicle's oxygen sensors to verify correct functionality.- ProScan can read the value of 169 supported parameters, such as vehicle speed, fuel trims, etc.- ProScan can display real-time data in a variety of formats including tabular and plotted in a graph.- ProScan can record and play back data.- ProScan can calculate and display instantaneous fuel efficiency (MPG) information for any MAF-based vehicle.- ProScan can calculate and display the real-time cost of a trip based upon distance and average fuel efficiency.- ProScan can be used to learn the "sweet spot" of your vehicle, so that maximum fuel efficiency is obtained.- ProScan can be used to calculate performance statistics such as 0-60 MPH, 1/4 mile time and trap speed, 1/8 mile, etc.- ProScan can generate and export timeslips for sharing online.- ProScan can estimate horsepower and torque curves and generate dyno charts.- ProScan can generate printable diagnostic reports for a given vehicle.- ProScan can switch between English and Metric units.- But most importantly, ProScan will pay for itself the first time you use it!

What is ProScan?ProScan is the most ... ProScan is the most user-friendly PC-based OBD-II scan tool on the market.

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