Password Dragon for Windows v.5.0.8


First of all its free. No strings attached. Password Manager does not contain any spyware or ad-ware. The application is very intutive, user friendly and easy to use. Files are encrypted with BlowfishJ algorithm. Remember only the master password. Works on Windows, Mac and Unix as this is written in Java. Can be launched directly from USB thumb drive. Organize all your userid,password,url and notes information in one file Store additional information using the 10 additional customizable attributes Data files are encrypted with BlowfishJ algorithm Command line extension. Ability to view records from the command line without launching GUI. Available in Multi Language. Built-in random flexible password generator Copy UserId and password to clipboard Password Strength indicator Data files are automatically backed up. Application Inactive timeout. i.e Lock the aplication if not used for x minutes File Locking Facility Unlimited records and data files Launch URL from the application Either Choose browser for URL launch or use system default browser. Records can be grouped using user defined categories. Very flexible category management. Import records from text file Export all/selected records to text,HTML and XML file Search records on all/specific columns Record sorting based on column names. Password can be masked in the main table and in the record view. Ability to specify the startup sort order and startup category Ability to choose the look and feel. (Kunststoff Look and Feel is the default.)

First of all its free. No strings attached. ...

  • Password Dragon for Windows
  • 5.0.8
  • Password Dragon
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 737 Kb
  • 157
  • Free

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