Oracle Password Auditor v.1.0


Oracle Password Auditor is the FREE Oracle database password recovery and auditing software. Oracle is one of the popular and powerful database software used by most of the web based and server side applications.If you have ever lost or forgotten your Oracle database password then OraclePasswordAuditor can help in recovering it easily. It can also help you to audit Oracle database server setup in an corporate environment by discovering the weak password configurations. This makes it one of the must have tool for IT administrators & Penetration Testers.During auditing operation, it detects special cases such as account lockout, invalid Oracle SID etc and then terminates the operation rather than blindly continuing with the errors. Penetration testers can use this feature to detect any account lockout issues and further verify if it is susceptible to such DDOS attacks.It is very easy to use with the simple dictionary based password recovery method. By default it includes password dictionary file which contains popular list of default Oracle passwords. However you can find more password dictionary files at OpenWall collection. You can also use tools like Crunch, Cupp to generate custom password list files on your own and then use it with OraclePasswordAuditor.Here are some of the special features of OraclePasswordAuditor Free and easy to use software to quickly Recover/Audit Oracle Password. Very useful for IT administrators & Penetration Testers Dictionary based Password Recovery method Includes dictionary file having popular list of default Oracle passwords Automatically detects Account Lockout, Invalid SID etc and terminates the operation. Detailed statistics such as tested passwords, elapsed time, progress bar is displayed during Audit operation. Integrated Installer for local Installation & Uninstallation.

Oracle Password Auditor is the FREE Oracle ...

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