Nash v.0.3.1


Nash("Nearly Advanced SHell"), is a new shell for UNIX/UNIX-based Operating Systems. It follows most Sh/POSIX(UNIX) standards. Nash is usable as a login/user shell, it can also interpret UNIX shell scripts to a large extent. Nash is written completely out of Perl, and will require the Perl Interpreter to be installed on your Linux/UNIX computer.Check out our project summary: 0.1 of the Nash UNIX shell, is advanced enough to be used as a login/user shell, and can also be used to interpret UNIX shell scripts, to a large extent. Nash(version 0.1) implements UNIX environment variables. Nash(version 0.1) is very stable, with minor bugs and errors, it can be used as a step up from sh, or can be used as a replacement for other UNIX shells.

Nash("Nearly Advanced SHell"), is a new shell ...

  • Nash
  • 0.3.1
  • comwizz
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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