Keynote Bingo WWDC v.07


Twice a year, Steve Jobs takes the stage extending his reality distortion field over the masses. It is a wildly celebrated holiday for Mac fanatics all over the world. And since 2006, thousands of people follow the keynote with our Keynote Bingo application in hand - and WWDC 2007 is no different! The Swedish Bingo team, comprised mainly of trolls, polar bears and snowpeople, has once again produced a new, jaw-dropping version of Keynote Bingo: WWDC Bingo 07! This breathtaking Bingo experience generates for you a template out of 100 potential keynote events! When one of the events on your template occurs, press the button. If you get five buttons in a row, column or diagonally you yell: BINGO!! The Klingons ate some of our customers during MWSF 07, so this time theyre not allowed. But nerds will be nerds, so a Latin translation is available instead. (As well as Swedish, Esperanto, Finnish, and the obvious English.) When you launch the application, you are asked for a random number. This number is the seed for the generation of the template. The same number will generate the same template again. This way, when you Bingo out you have a way to prove to others that you really did. Now make us proud - shout "Bingo!" right there in the audience! Enhancements: - Now updated with Italian translation and new Finnish. The Bingo Team thanks all the translators: Samu & Rewes (Finnish), Geek (Esperanto), Millenomi (Italian) and Sippan (Latin). If you know any languages, feel free to mail us translations and well try to add them.

Twice a year, Steve Jobs takes the stage ...

  • Keynote Bingo WWDC
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