IPrint v.2.0


Great application that saves you a significant amount of money when printing.iPrint adds a powerful and significant new feature to OS X that both boosts your productivity and saves you a significant amount of money! Additionally, iPrint works in the background, requires no learning curve, and takes up no space on your Desktop! iPrint gives you total control over the data you print, by letting you select and print anything from a single character to dozens of pages! iPrint improves your productivity by preventing you from wasting valuable time sifting through unnecessary data that you previously were forced to print, and iPrint quickly pays for itself many times over by significantly reducing your expenditures on ink/toner and paper (using iPrint can more than double the life of your ink and toner cartridges)! Additionally, iPrint accelerates printing (iPrint can more than doubling the real-world speed of your printer), eliminates web browser printing problems, and saves you even more ink/toner and paper by allowing you to avoid having to print ink-intensive web ads and graphics. iPrint is incredibly easy to use because it works by adding a simple yet powerful universal keyboard shortcut to OS X, merely select the text you want to print and then print your selection by holding down the Option-Control-p keys! Main features: - iPrint works in the background, takes up no Desktop space, and is always available to you via a universal keyboard shortcut. - iPrint is incredibly easy to use: just select the information you want to print and then use the universal keyboard shortcut iPrint adds to OS X for printing the selected info. - iPrint can quickly pay for itself many times over by more than doubling the life of your ink and toner cartridges and by reducing your consumption of paper. - iPrint allows you to print information from many programs which they themselves cant print. - iPrint can more than double the real-world speed of printers. - iPrint supports both multi-styled text and colored text. - iPrint is good for the environment because it significantly reduces the consumption of paper and environmentally-unfriendly inks and toner. - iPrint has been optimized for use with AOLs built-in chat client, AOLs Instant Messenger (AIM), and iChat. (iPrint works great with web browsers, email clients, word processors, text editors, databases, newsreaders, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and most other programs.) Enhancements - A Preferences window has been added that lets you set a default option of always displaying both the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes, or always bypassing both the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes, or displaying just the Print dialog box. (The previous versions of iPrint never displayed either the Page Setup or Print dialog boxes.) - A popup menu has been added to iPrints Dock icon. Clicking and holding on the icon displays all of iPrints printing options, as well as some other functions. - iPrints Dock menu also can be used to temporarily override iPrints preference settings when printing. - iPrints graphics and dialog boxes have been improved. - Several additional improvements have been made to iPrints code.

Great application that saves you a significant ...

  • IPrint
  • 2.0
  • MacEase
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • Shareware
  • 1.4 Mb
  • 559
  • $14.95

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