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This program is used mainly by administrators or by people, who making computer installations as job or they do that for friends and want to have summary in one place of all installed machines. This will help to make your work effective and thanks to this program, you will not loose lot of money when discovering who have what installed. If problem occours, you will know all about installed computer by clicking few steps. All you need to know is name of your customer/friend. Of course d-deOCt you must first create database of them, but this part of work will helps you in future. Generated lists you can also add to installed computer, so owner will have quick summary, what he have on his PC.Program isn`t benchmark or detect utility d-deOCt it is composed mainly for people mentioned above. For detecting or benchmarking utility look over the internet.If you want to have your work easier, you can use additional program GVG Info Detect. You can detect most of hardware and detected data can be exported to file. Then, you can use this file in GVG Info application. Thanks to it, your work will not be so hard and you must correct only small amount of informations. Of course, this program isn`t required when you want to use GVG Info - it only helps you when filling informations. Program is available only in English language.Installer and program are signed by digital sign. To accept Windows these signed files, it is requiered to install root certificate from certificate authority Ascertia. Installation is simple - just download this file and choose "Open". Then, click on "Install Certificate..." button and install certificate to "Trusted root certificate services". After this, all my signed programs will be trusted in Windows and also Windows Vista will not be in problem with running or installing. If you not install this certificate, Windows Vista can have problem and it is possible, that running or installing will not be allowed; to avoid this security problems, install this certificate.Verze 3.8.2: * Added ability to select AMD Socket AM2+, AMD Socket AM3 and Intel i7 1366 * Added ability to select 6MB and 12MB as L2 Cache * Added ability to select 32MB as harddisk cache size * Fixed minor bugs * Fixed warranty graphics * Fixed bug - when you have opened owner and added new owner, you cannot write name of 2nd memory Version 3.8.1: * Fixed bug - when you have set other DPI than standard, there was bad displaying of forms * GVG Info Detect: Fixed detection of CD/DVD drives in Windows Vista * GVG Info Detect: Fixed bug when you have set other DPI than standard, there was bad displaying of forms Version 3.8: * Added option for Quad Core CPU * Changed behaviour of OK button in Warranty window * Added ability to enter printer`s type * Added ability to enter 2nd monitor a choose type and screen size * Fixed bug, which may sometimes crash program * Fixed bug - Update dialog was sizeable * Fixed bug - When editing already svaed owner in Memory section there was randomly selecting of 2nd, 3rd and 4th memory * Fixed bug - when deleting owner, some of it`s files was not deleted Version 3.7: * Before installation of this version make backup of your data then uninstall any previous version! * GVG Info Detect: fixed detection in Windows Vista * Program renamed to GVG Info due to copyright Version 3.6: * Added interface detection of hard and removable disks * Added ability to enter product name and serial number in Software section * Added ability to choose RAID type * Added ability to save presence of eSATA in Motherboard Details * Added PC Type: Server * Added Printer Connection Type: IR * Added Memory Type: DDR III and DDR III ECC * Added Memory Frequency: 100-1800 MHz * Added Dutch language * PC Info Detect: Changed labelling of disk sizes (GB). Disks with more partitions isn`t supported yet. When hard or removable disk is smaller then 10GB, size is displayed in bytes. * PC Info Detect: Changed labelling memory sizes (MB/GB) * Fixed minor bugs Version 3.5: * Added support of use Enter key. Now you can use Enter (or Tab) for jump to next control. * Added link to Cute PDF - virtual PDF printer * Added ability to fill name of network card * Added ability to fill Widnows Product Key * Added ability to detect Windows Product Key in PC Info Detect * Added ability to set program options * Fixed behaviour of buttons of "oeminfo.ini" window * Now you can enter MAC Address also in lowercase; if you save change, entire record is automatically converted to uppercase * Now open dialog is resizable * Changed cpation from "Description" to "Manufacturer" in "oeminfo.ini" window * Changed print report * Changed button on Start Panel * Changed layout of main screen for clearer controlling of each section and also for future updates * Removed export old print report * Removed export to TXT Version 3.4: * Added ability to add memory size to graphic card * Added more details for motherboard (motherboard format, network card types) * Added function to import detected data from PC Info Detect program * Added ability to set power supply cabling type (AT, ATX, ATX Modular, BTX and BTX Modular) * Fixed bug when displaying non filled fileds. You you have opened owner, which was all fileds entered and you open different with less fileds entered, some of fields was not updated and still contained data of previous owner. * Fixed minor bugs Version 3.3: * Added following sections: 4th Harddisk, 1st AV Card, 2nd AV Card, Play Device, Case And Power Supply * Added ability to set build date of computer * Added ability to add date of last visited Windows Update site * Added ability to choose graphic card`s connection type * Added ability to choose more detailed harddisks informations * Added ability to choose more detailed CPU informations * Added ability to choose monitor`s connection type * Added ability to choose printer`s connection type * Added following operating systems: Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Media Center, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise * Changed default file view when opening to "Details" * Fixed bug when clonning new owner - after saving new owner with settings of old owner was still displayed graphics of warranty and notes or user account. These, of course, was yet not present in clonned owner. * Fixed some bugs Version 3.2.1: * Fixed graphics for warranty displaying. In some cases was displayed, that warranty is still present, althrough warranty period was over. Version 3.2: * Added warranty tracking * Added ability to check program updates * Added link for visiting program`s homepage (Help/Homepage) * Added link for visiting forum pages (Help/Forum) * Added French language * Changed behaviour, if you deleted all records. Now, you are prompted to enter new owner or to import existing list. * Changed behaviour of warranty indication on main window * Fixed bug when working with warranty`s data. If one owner has more items, all dates of warranties was saved succesfully, but displaying of these dates in "Warranty" window was bad - labels was not displayed correctly or missing. Right date you can see only on "Warranty Strat" and "Warranty End" calendars. This fix require change of data management, so you need to enter and save warranty data again. I am really sorry and I apologize for this bug. * Fixed bug which can occour, if you change short date format * Fixed bug in "oeminfo.ini" Window - althrough you not enter informations to corresponding fields, you was able to generate file. In this case, file was generated, but it contain no filled data. * Fixed bug of operating system title, computer type and CPU type. If you created new owner by copying data of current owner, then current owner`s values was set to default, not to actual. * Fixed date caption displaying in "Warranty" window. When date was longer, caption was under "OK" button. * Fixed bad language file management in "Warranty" window Version 3.1: * Changed program icon * Added following operating systems: Windows Server 2003, Caldera Linux, Debian Linux, Mandrake Linux, RedHat Linux, Slackware Linux, Suse Linux, Turbo Linux and ??? Linux * Added ability to protect program via password * Added function for files export and import (useful, if you have more than one computer with installed program and want to have actual data on all of them) * Added ability to add serial number and note for each hardware * Added "Monitor" section * Added "Printer" section * Added themes support of Windows XP and higher * Changed placing of "Important Links"/LI> * Changed order of some sections * Fixed language bug in Czech language file * Fixed localisation error in "Personal Data" window. If you have selected one language and select to other without exiting program, this window stays in old language and was not switched to new * Fixed menu items. If they was inactive, they was not visible, which confused user Version 3.0: * Added multilanguage support * Added English help * Added "Translators" section in "About" window * Added ability to add warranty for each hardware * Added warranty indication (shows, if hardware have warranty or not) * Changed version numbering * If you first export owner's list and answer "Yes" to prompt, if list can be printed, nothing happened * Fixed bug when displaying non-filled fields * Fixed bug in "Personal Data" dialog. If you changed data, but close dialog by clicking on "Close" button, after reopen this dialog displayed entered data, not actual Version 2.5.0: * Changed placing of "oeminfo.ini" * Fixed bug when deleting * Fixed help bug * Fixed bug when exiting program. If you was in "Add New Owner" mode and you exit program by clicking on cross on right upper corner of window, application was not terminated properly and stays as running task in memory * Added "CPU" section * Added "Hard Drives" section * Added "Memory" section * Added main menu and moved some functions * Added status bar for displaying help * Added ability to save your personal data to exported lists * Added ability to print exported list * Added ability to exclude notes from exported list * Who discover secret message? Version 2.0.0: * Added "Computer Name" section * Added "Network" section * Changed appearance of Start Panel * To window's caption was added work mode indication * Fixed export list bug. Now, all filled fields are exported * Code optimalisation Version 1.5.0: * Changed dimensions of main screen (fits to screens with 1024x768) * Added "PC Type" section * Added "ASPI" section * Added "Network Card MAC Address" section * Added ability to detect MAC address of local computer * Added "Notes" * Added "User Accounts" * Added "Important Links" section * Added "Work Mode" section * Fixed bug in "About" window * Fixed bug when saving * Fixed bug when selecting Windows 2000 system * Fixed bug when loading - if there was some unfilled fields in current owner, it was loaded filled fields of previous owner Version 1.0.0: First release of program

This program is used mainly by administrators ...

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  • GVG Info
  • 3.10
  • GVG
  • WinXP, WinME, Win2000, Win Vista
  • Freeware
  • 2.59 Mb
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