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If you use your GPS professionally, certainly you need GTM PROdlT«. The professional version of GPS TrackMakerdlT« is for those users that need area calculation, data transfer to Microsoft ExceldlT«, import and export to AutoCaddlT« and ArcViewdlT«, and other advanced functions. The program uses a hardware key or dongle, an electronic plug that works as an unlock password for GTM PROdlT«. The plug is easily connected to the USB port, and must be present when GPS TrackMaker ProfessionaldlT« is being executed. The plug doesn't interfere in the operation of the printer, scanner or other devices.Advantages of the Hardware Key:- If you have the dongle, you never lose the license.- If you sell your computer, just disconnect the dongle and connect in the new computer.- If you reformat the HD, just install again the program, connect the dongle and use the program.- Easily transfer the license from a computer to another.Main Features of GTM PROdlT«GTM PROdlT« is the same free GPS TrackMaker available in the Internet, plus the following increments:- Multilanguage version: English, Spanish and Portuguese- Create Complete projects of Maps (MAP and PJC files)- Image rotation for an accurate map calibration- Image clipping- Expand Zone function that allows to calibrate maps located in two or more zones- Support for GeoTiff (Geocoded TIFF)- Support for DRG (Digital Raster Graphic)- Open and save BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX- Support for Cartographic and Topographic Surfaces- Cartographic Areas Delimited by Tracklogs- Local Topographical Areas Delimited by Tracklogs- Topographical Length of Tracklogs and Routes- Horizontal Projection of Tracklogs and Routes- Topographical Conversion of GPS Data- Import and export to AutoCaddlT«, in DXF format- Import and export to ArcViewdlT«, in SHP format- Import and export to MapInfodlT«, in MID/MIF format- Data Edition using Table similar to Microsoft ExceldlT«- Export to XLS (MS ExceldlT« 95) format- Export to DBF (dBasedlT« IV) format- Print Preview function- Import and export data to text processor- Datum defined by User- Rectangular Grid defined by User (User Grid)- LTM and RTM coordinate systems- Tracklogs Union Tool- Calculation of Arithmetic Average of the Points- Rotating Waypoints, Tracklogs and Routes- Altitude profile with advanced functions- Support for simplified contour lines- Creation of Altitude Profile Tracklogs starting from contour lines- Accent Removal Tool- Rectangular Clipping tool for advanced mapping- Scale Factor and Meridian Convergency for UTM- Table of azimuthes, speeds and length- Azimuth calculation with hundredth-second accuracy- Allows to restore the aspect ratio of images- Date filter tool- Multiple vehicle tracking with Tracker II AVL module- Complete report of addresses indicating where the vehicle passed Important NotesGTM PROdlT« is not a substitute for the work of a surveying professional. The program was developed to work with hand-held GPS receivers that have an accuracy of 5 to 10 meters after the removal of the Selective Availability (SA) by the USA government.To obtain accuracy in area calculation, the hand-held GPS receiver is not the most appropriate instrument to use. That kind of accuracy will only be obtained by contracting a professional who uses equipment which is more precise (and more expensive!) than a hand-held GPS receiver, such as Total Stations and Differential GPS.The program is not intended for those works that demand accuracy less than 10 meters or 3 meters where WAAS/EGNOS is available, as land demarcations and appraisal of small urban areas. Topographical works with altitude must be accomplished with caution, because the altitude error of the hand-held GPS receiver is up to 3 times the horizontal error.

If you use your GPS professionally, certainly ... If you use your GPS professionally, certainly you need GTM PROdlT«.

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