Findpart For DOS/Windows 95/98/ME v.4.78


Searches for lost FAT, NTFS, HPFS, BeOS and Linux ext2, ext3 and swap partitions. To search for reiserfs partitions, add "reiser" to the command line.Example: Write a report for all disks to the file fp.txt: findpart all fp.txtBoot floppy image and CD image with Findpart version 4.95 for Windows, running in FreeDOS using the HX DOS Findpart Windows version includes the functionality of the utilities FindNTFS, GB32, Chsdir, Editpart, EditGUID, Findfat, Getsect, Putsect, Cyldir, Finddir, Findext2, Findbad, Pqrp, FindJPG, FindDoc, Readext2 and Readfat. For usage type Findpart followed by the utility name. For editing commands the findpart environment variable must be set to edit using the command 'set findpart=edit'.

Searches for lost FAT, NTFS, HPFS, BeOS and ...

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  • Findpart For DOS/Windows 95/98/ME
  • 4.78
  • Svend Olaf Mikkelsen
  • Win All
  • Freeware
  • 133 Kb
  • 189
  • Free

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