FindPath v.1.2.5321.0


Given just the name of the file, FindPath will search for the file in the standard search locations and, if found, display its full path. You can additionally have FindPath copy the found path to the clipboard or directly open it in the Windows Explorer.

Although FindPath can be used for locating any type of file, it was primarily designed for the purpose of locating executable binaries and DLLs along the standard search path. It is particularly handy when you have more than one version of a file and you want to determine which is being located by the system based on the current environment settings.

FindPath is also capable of working with application and assembly manifests introduced with Windows XP in support of isolated applications and side-by-side assemblies. Internally, FindPath is just an executable around the SearchPath API.

Give FindPath a try to see just how useful it can actually be for you!

Given just the name of the file, FindPath will ...

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  • FindPath
  • 1.2.5321.0
  • 14 Aug 12
  • Atif Aziz
  • Windows All
  • Freeware
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