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While DNS may seem to some like one of those things you simply so not want to know about, it is actually very simple.Think of a DNS server like a phone book for the Internet. If you want to go to, your request goes to a DNS server somewhere. Computers don't really connect using friendly names, they connect by using IP addresses.The DNS server you access looks up for you, and tells your program what the actual IP address is, and you connect. Simple. The procedure DNS servers use to look up an IP address is rather complicated, however none of that matters as far as the user is concerned.You are not confined to using the DNS server your ISP tells you to, and users on your network are not confined to using a specific DNS server. They can use whatever DNS server you set them up to use.Here is where Simple DNS comes in. You run it locally on a server or workstation you designate. It uses very little in the way of resources, and running a local DNS server actually speeds up your Internet access.When you request a site by a friendly name like, Simple DNS will first check to see if it is a blocked site. If it is, you will be redirected to a "blocked page". If it isn't, the page will connect normally. In other words, it is like using your own special phone book instead of dialing information.The CYBERsitter Lists offers many features monitoring and access control in addition to filtering.

While DNS may seem to some like one of those ... CYBERsitter Lists 1.


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  • Solid Oak Software
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista
  • Shareware
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