QTGZManager for Linux v.Build 08232009


QTGZManager is a frontend to the Slackware pkgtools that can compare versions, install, reinstall, upgrade, downgrade and remove packages. It also converts RPMs to TGZs, shows the package contents, information and freezes/unfreezes a specific version.# Reworked interface: gets a menubar, minimizes unused spaces and remembers your preferences NEW# Compatible with Slackware 13.0 TXZ packages NEW# Compatible with Xfce programs and gksu (available at slackbuilds.org) NEW# Reworked package recognition algorithm recognizes the package status instantaneously NEW# Find a package in your system just pressing Ctrl+K NEW# Find files on package content you've just opened NEW# Set a default directory to be selected every time you launch the application NEW# Make QTGZ starts hidden, enabling your window manager to automatically launch it without messing your desktop NEW# Find the package(s) that provides a specific file# Freeze an installed package so it's version is not accidentaly changed/removed# Transform all your RPMs in TGZs# Sort your package lists based on their status (frozen, unfrozen, installed, etc) or name, both ascending or descending# Execute it with root access, so you are not bodered by kdesu again# Hide/Show the main program window just clicking on System Tray Icon# Transform a TGZ in a SLAX 6 live module (this is a "hidden" feature you can access by pressing "Ctrl+L" over a package, but only if you are running inside SLAX 6 and have the "make-lzm" or "tgz2lzm" tools)# View the available packages in the current directory - each with an icon representing its status based on the installed version (if any)# View all packages installed in the system# View contents of installed/non installed packages# Navigate inside those contents, openning their files and directories externally# View diff between package contents# View information of selected package(s), with clickable URLs (if any) and installed size (for installed packages)# Move a package to another directory or to the Actions botton pane (using drag and drop) as well as delete any package# Create/rename/remove/open directories# Execute actions on packages: install, reinstall, upgrade, downgrade and remove (using the Slackware pkgtools) - with root access, but only when needed (using kdesu)# Work with a GUI that is fast, easy to use and speaks your language *# Filter packages in the selected directory with hit/miss color feedback# Ctrl + and Ctrl - respectively increases and decreases the font size of package lists# Selected directory's name is shown on the top of the first pane# Reworked About box# More view arrangements through four view buttons# Open konsole (F4) to work on the selected directory# New Directory TreeView, based on QFileSystemModel (a new and very fast threaded model from Qt 4.5.x which is also inotify aware)# Package information is showed as a tooltip when the mouse is over the package lists# The "Find a file" search is now handled in another thread which means it can be stopped and no more freezes the GUI# Take a snapshot of your installed package list for future diffs or whatever you want to

QTGZManager is a frontend to the Slackware ...

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