Wsgi_cache v.0.2.2


wsgi_cache is a piece of WSGI middleware that provides disk caching for WSGI applications. It is somewhat coarse and rather inflexible, sort of like your grandpa.wsgi_cache is designed to cache requests to a WSGI site to disk in a cache directory on disk. The cache directory will have the same directory layout as the requests (ie, if /foo/bar is requested, the foo directory will be made in the cache and bar will be stored there). There is no cache expiration beyond deleting cached files from the disk. This is a feature.Installationwsgi_cache can be installed as a Python egg, using easy_install:$ easy_install wsgi_cacheConfigurationConfiguration of wsgi_cache will often be done using Paste Deploy. In this situation, it can be configured as a filter:[app:main]use = egg:my_wsgi_app#appfilter-with = cache[filter:cache]use = egg:wsgi_cache#middlewarecache_dir = ./cacheThe cache_dir is the only required configuration parameter, and will be interpreted as relative to global_conf['here'].wsgi_cache also supports three additional configuration parameters: * content_type Specifies the content type used when serving cached resources; see Limitations below for details on this. By default this is set to text/html. * cache_paths A comma separated list of paths, starting with a /, that specifies the paths to cache. If specified, only requests to paths starting with one of these strings will be cached. * directory_index When accessing a path that ends in a / (like /monkeys/), wsgi_cache needs to create a special filename. By default this is __index.html. So by default, caching the page /monkeys/ saves to the file ${path_to_cache}/monkeys/__index.html; if we set directory_index to dir_x it would save to ${path_to_cache}/monkeys/dirx.

wsgi_cache is a piece of WSGI middleware that ... WSGI middleware for caching responses to disk.

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