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File ManagementRealFSO Relational File SystemVisBiz® supports RealFSO the original Relational File System. It adds a set of unique layers over the standard Windows XP/2003 file system which characterize the context of your files through their relationships with other files and layers.RealFS is based on single instance file sharing where all files are registered and shared from a single source file in the RealFS Catalog. The physical files are located in one or more Repositories set up through RealFS. Documents, Variants, Versions, relational links, Packages, reminders and notifications are linked back to RealFS Catalog. The RealFS Explorer manages these references and relationships so that you can access each file within its own unique context.RealFS provides a single interface for managing your file system and accessing your files. RealFS compliments Windows Explorer yet reigns in its excessive flexibility.RealFS ExplorerThe RealFS Explorer provides a single user interface to manage your relational file system, for almost any file type and access to files using their native applications.Documents are created directly from RealFS using Templates from 3rd part applications, which have been previously imported, formatted and Approved for use. You can set any Template as the default for a Category. When you create a document in that Category, RealFS copies the Template, creates the predefined Certificate, stores it in the designated Repository and opens it for you using its native application. When you have finished editing a document just click Save.To import external files into RealFS, simply Drag-and-drop files and Outlook emails directly into the RealFS Category Browser. Select the required Category and RealFS imports the external file or email, creates a predefined Certificate, stores it in the designated Repository, and opens it for you.You can create a Reference Certificate which is a document which does not have an associated physical file. Reference Certificates allow you to create registers or linked lists.Microsoft ® Office IntegrationYou can create Microsoft ® Office XP/2007 documents directly from RealFS including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook messages. RealFS automatically updates the properties of an Office document including title, author and subject from the Summary tab as well as other information on the Custom tab. You can use Word's Insert >> Field feature to automatically update metadata in the body of a document from its properties.Preformed CertificatesA major contributer to lost information is the uncontrolled and inconsistent naming of files. Long file names don't expand well with Windows Explorer. With RealFS, each document is referred to by its Certificate which is made up from a Document Code and a Title. You can prescribe the form of the Certificate for each Category including project number, autonumber, subnumber, user initials, filename, user input, text, date and time. Whenever you create a new document, RealFS will automatically build a Certificate for it based on the preformed convention for the selected Category.File SecurityAnother major contributor to lost information is lack of consistency in saving documents to a designated location. RealFS uses Repositories to provide a pre-assigned filing location for each Category. Any document created within a Category will be automatically saved to the associated Repository. Users no longer create their own folders or deal directly with the underlying Windows file system.

File ManagementRealFSO Relational File ...

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