QWBFS Manager v.1.1.0


QWBFS Manager provides a cross platform Qt 4 GUI for working with hard disk drives that have been formatted to the WBFS file system. This is a cross platform 32/64bits (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix like) alternative to WBFS Manager.Features * Worker thread has been rewrited and now support all kind of import/export/convert (ISO to ISO, ISO to WBFS, WBFS to ISO, WBFS to WBFS), opening the door for normal file system disc handling (FAT, NTFS...) in a next version. (1.3.0 ?) * Batch convertion of ISOs files to WBFSs files. (1.2.0) * Batch convertion of WBFSs files to ISOs files. (1.2.0) * New splashscreen by Nagy Franto (http://code.google.com/u/nagy.franto) (1.2.0) * Listing of games with titles, sizes and codes. (1.0.0) * Drag-and-drop support for adding multiple files at once to the WBFS drive (ISOs). (1.0.0) - Now support WBFSs files (1.2.0) * Easy to use interface which also reports available, total and used disk space at a glance. (1.0.0) * Batch processing of multiple ISOs. (1.0.0) - Now supports WBFSs files (1.2.0) * Rename discs on the WBFS drive. (1.0.0) * Multilingual support o en_US. (1.0.0) o fr_FR. (1.1.0) o es_ES by Frannoe (Ubuntu Cosillas) (1.2.0) o ca_ES by Frannoe (Ubuntu Cosillas) (1.2.0) o ru_RU, sl_SI, pl_PL, zh_CN, he_IL, da_DK, sk_SK, ja_JP, uk_UA, cs_CZ, ar_SA, zh_TW, de_DE, pt_PT, sv_SE open for translation. (1.1.0) * Homebrew Channel entry creation. * Direct & Indirect Drive-To-Drive transferring and cloning. (1.0.0) * Automatic RAR archive extraction. * Batch extraction and deletion. (1.0.0) * Exporting list of games on drive to a .CSV. * Ability to use more than one cover directory. * Channel Creation (NEW). * Using libwbfs directly to achieve greater flexiblity. (1.0.0) * Using libfresh for extending Qt, providing great classes like the update checker, the network cache... (1.2.0) * Use a separate worker thread to improve responsiveness when doing IO operations. (1.0.0) * Update checker. (1.1.0) * Passive error handling. (1.1.0) * Translations manager. (1.1.0) * Network cache based on max retry per query to avoid over bandwidth traffic. (1.1.0) Notes * Estimating the size of an ISO file can lead to the creation of a temporary file of 16MB in your system temporary path. * Indirect transfer can lead to WBFS convertion to ISO of 4.4GB in a temporary file in you system path.

QWBFS Manager provides a cross platform Qt 4 ...

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