PerfectDisk Rx Suite v.1.0 build 14


The PerfectDisk® Rx Suite Difference * Performance optimization with the award-winning, Microsoft certified PerfectDisk engine to defragment and speed up your PC * Patented SMARTPlacementO technology optimizes your drive and reduces fragmentation * Exclusive Space Restoration TechnologyO provides total free space consolidation * Exclusive AutoPilot SchedulingO lets you control when defragmentation occurs * Exclusive StealthPatrolO defragments only when your computer is idle and it needs it * Safely cleans your registry by cleaning and repairing clutter, junk and errors so your PC runs smoother and faster * Recaptures wasted disk space by finding and removing duplicate files * Protects your privacy by erasing personal internet and file activityKey Features OptimizeOne simple command with PerfectDisk Rx Suite optimizes your disk drive so it's as efficient as possible and makes your computer as fast as new. Based on the award-winning, Microsoft-certified PerfectDisk engine:# Files completely defragmented (put together in a single piece) so everything you do on your computer - for work or play - is as fast as possible# Exclusive StealthPatrolO defragments and optimizes your drive only when your computer is idle and when fragmentation reaches a threshold, so there is no impact on your computer's resources when you need them# AutoPilot Schedule lets you control when you optimized and defrag - on a schedule you define, when your screen saver runs, only when your computer is idle, or manually# Exclusive Space Restoration TechnologyO completely consolidates your free space by creating the largest block possible, so your drive stays fast# Patented SMARTPlacementO optimization ensures your files are placed on your drive according to your usage to minimize future disk problems Clean RegistryPerfectDisk Rx Suite brings a new level of ease, simplicity and safety to the tricky problem of registries cluttered with debris, broken links and more. The second phase of PerfectDisk Rx Suite's Total Health Boost, Clean Registry can also be invoked with a quick click of a button:# Broken links found and corrected# Registry cleaned on demand# Makes your computer more stable# Helps your computer perform better without hardware upgrades# Safe Recapture SpaceRecapture Space gets the clutter and waste off your computer. Phase 3 of the Total Health Boost quickly removes duplicate files that waste space. Also removes unnecessary files from your Recycle Bin as well as temporary internet files. You'll recover valuable disk space in seconds. Duplicate files removed include:# Text files# Picture files# Videos# Other file types Erase All TracesProtect your privacy by erasing traces of your personal internet and file activity. You never know who's using your computer when you're not thereWhether it's files accessed or Web sites visited, Phase 4 of PerfectDisk Rx Suite's Total Health Boost cleans your traces:# Internet browsing history# Internet cookies# Internet cache# Most recently used files TweakChange hidden Windows settings so that your computer behaves like you want it to, according to your personal preferences. With PerfectDisk Rx Suite, there's no need to risk editing the registry on your own. You can change the way Windows works and acts in three key areas:# Performance# Security# Appearance

defrag, fast computer, performance, disk, drive

  • PerfectDisk Rx Suite
  • 1.0 build 14
  • Raxco Software, Inc.
  • Win 2000, XP
  • Shareware
  • 19.1 Mb
  • 244
  • $39.99

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