NTFS for Linux v.6.0


NTFS for Linux project is the unmatched solution based on the unique Paragon Technology, development expertise and in-depth industry knowledge.Many modern Linux users experience great inconveniencies because different operating systems have different standards on data storage. Family of secure operating systems from Microsoft A?A?A? Windows NT, 2000 and XP A?A?A? use their own file system, NTFS. Unfortunately Microsoft still has not opened technical information about NTFS to publicity. That is why open society of Linux developers still does not have solid support for this file system.Our company has applied all our knowledge of file systems and operating systems to produce a product called "NTFS for Linux". This product gives transparent access to any NTFS drive into Linux operating system A?A?A? through regular mount function. So you and any application can browse these drives, read and change files, copy and create new files and folders. Everything absolutely transparently A?A?A? just like with "native" ext2fs, ext3fs or reiserfs file system.Additionally, you not only can install NTFS access driver into Linux operating system, but you can also use bootable CD included in the product to access NTFS volumes. This CD is very helpful in emergency cases of unbootable systems A?A?A? you can boot your system with this CD and access NTFS and Linux volumes with read and write access A?A?A? take important documents or change configuration files to rescue system.Here are some key features of "NTFS for Linux":A?A?A? Transparent access to all contents of NTFS volumesA?A?A? Supporting all NTFS versions A?A?A? 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1 (Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP)A?A?A? Supporting compressed files and foldersA?A?A? Special installation script for fast and easy driver installationA?A?A? Choose Linux type to configure correctly startup servicesA?A?A? Access to files with more than 2 GbA?A?A? Supporting files and folders with security permissionsA?A?A? Bootable CD with possibility to access NTFS and Linux volumes and write data directly on CD/DVD di

NTFS for Linux project is the unmatched ... NTFS for Linux is read and write access to NTFS partitions under Linux.

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