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Fsgrep is a simple Java application which allows a user to search all files in a directory structure for lines matching a given pattern. Its basic functionality is a combination of the Unix 'find' and 'grep' utilities. Its power is that is allows use of regular expressions in the search pattern, and it also has a multiple-file search and replace functionality.Fsgrep is licensed under the GNU GPL V2 . For more information on the GNU GPL & free software , please visit wwww.gnu.org .Fsgrep was initially designed as a tool for programmers. It solves the problem searching for strings/patterns in source code files (java, c, sql, etc.), which are distributed in a multi-level directory structure. However its usefulness extends beyond the just realm of programming because it is a useful tool for seaching any kind of text file (e.g. html, txt, etc.).Fsgrep is still being developed. The release version is stable, and new features are being implemented. It runs as a command line tool and also is a powerful graphical application. Project information is available at the (SourceForge) project page . More information is available in the FAQ .Features Platform independent. Quickly search a directory tree for all files with a given suffix. Search individual files using regular expressions (based on the native Java java.util.regex package). Perform search-and-replace in multiple files. Runs as a command line utility. (See the usage .) Rich graphical interface (screenshots ). Search for files by filename using patterns. Searches multiple jar/zip files and searches entries by pattern.

Fsgrep is a simple Java application which ...

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