File Splitter Utility v.1


File Splitter Utility 1 brings you a powerful tool which is comprised of a simple UI that interfaces with a simple controller class. It enables you to control buffer size while splitting/erasing a file, which results in a big speed difference. Includes a shredder utility which deletes file(s) and make it impossible for other programs to recover them. The project introduces some nice features of the Streams present in the .NET Base Classes. Stuff that would be lots more code in C++ can be cut down considerably. It also provides for tying events & delegates between the tiers (UI, Controller, Processing). Major Features:FileSplitter / File Joiner ClassesThese classes expose a set of simple methods and an event called ProgressNotify. This event will just provide the percent of completion of the task in process. There's further control capabilities for tuning of the size of the internal buffer used along with the size of the file segments. Not all properties of the class are utilized by the UI. It also just uses a simple filename mechanism for the output files. If the input file is called, the segments are called,, etc. ControllerWithin the UI project, there's a controller class that is responsible for accepting the requests from the UI and spawning, using the ThreadPool, a worker thread.The constructor for Controller accepts the form and a delegate on that form that will process the progress updates. The form has a handler as well that just updates the progress bar within the status bar using OwnerDraw.MainFormThe main form is simple. Double clicking on the File Name text field just brings up a file selection dialog. Choosing a file, then either Megabytes or Kilobytes, then click "Split File".When joining files, if the file chosen doesn't end in a '0' (indicating it's the 1st in the series) you'll get an exception. Also, it's only smart enough to join files in sequence numerically. If there's file missing on the join, it will continue without fail - although this is probably not the correct behavior a simple change to FileJoiner could deal with that.The other interesting thing is having a progress bar appear on the status bar within a panel.That is accomplished using the following - 1st add the progress bar to the controls collection

File Splitter Utility 1 brings you a powerful ...

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