Docsvault SB v.3.5


Why use Docsvault Small Business Edition? Centralize - Provide a single source for files and documents for everyone in the office. Collaborate in an easy way by sharing and communicating the access and modification of any kind of file. Paperless l With full-featured scanning and advanced searching, eliminate the clutter around the office by digitizing paper files and making them instantly available. Backup and Retention lThe automated backup feature will automatically backup the entire repository incrementally at preset intervals or gives you an option to burn in it all to CD/DVD media. It also helps archive, organize, and retain old files, emails, and documents for legal compliance Security l Choose who can view and modify the files in Docsvault. Prevent security breaches and other related problems by controlling access. Unique l Docsvault Small Business has features you canlt find anywhere else, like its task manager with task assigning and routing, multiple-tab browsing, and right-click access to most features. Value l Do the research. Absolutely no one makes a more affordable document management system that still has all the features. Furthermore, Docsvault is easier to install, learn, and use so you donlt need an IT staff to implement it. Advantages of Docsvault Small Business Edition:

* Organize and control any workgroup by centralizing files.

* Find and retrieve files instantly in a digital paperless office

* Open and unobstructed communication between users regarding files

* Simplified disaster planning through one-click and automated backups

* Integrates with popular MS Office programs

* Unique features you canlt find anywhere else, like task routing

* Easy to use, learn, and install so its immediately functional

* Incredible value l feature packed while incredibly affordableIts user interface is based on Windows Explorer, making it immediately familiar

* Docsvault has the look and feel of Windows File Explorer, making the interface immediately comfortable.

* Any PDFs created in Docsvault or any image file can be viewed from the document viewer in the main screen, allowing you to quickly identify documents and images.

* The document tasks panel displays all inbound and outbound tasks assigned to or by other users associated with a particular document, including any personal tasks.

* The document notes panel displays important information on that document written by any user.

* Any time a document is selected, the profile of that document is also displayed on the main screen.

* Benefit: The main screen of Docsvault helps make it easier to use. TopAdvanced searching with more than 10 search parameters and saved searches:

* All text based files imported or created in Docsvault are indexed by text, allowing you to search documents by text within the documents themselves.

* Search for files by over 10 different search parameters, making file access easier than ever.

* By integrating custom properties and profiles into your files and folders along with full-text indexing, document search and retrieval has never been this easy and effective.

* Our unique Save Search feature allows you to save frequently used search parameters, saving you even more time when it comes to retrieving your documents.

Benefit: Find your files instantly through the various ways of retrieving your files. TopMultiple-user access allows everyone in the office to access and modify files

* Access one centralized document repository from multiple client machines in your local network.

* Easily setup security rights for any file or folder to allow or prevent accessing and viewing to any user.

* Check in and check out feature prevents simultaneous modifications to any files.

* Create new version while checking in a document and attach notes to retain older versions of files.

* Track events performed on any document by any user with the audit trail feature.

* Benefit: Everyone in your office will have open communication and easy access to files. TopFeature-rich scanning allows for quick digitizing of paper files :

* Paper documents can be seamlessly scanned and turned into digital files through Docsvault's built-in scanner interface and then saved directly in any desired cabinet, drawer, or folder. This incredibly simple interface will change the way you view file scanning.

* You can save your scanned documents as multi-page PDF or Group 4 TIFF files, along with various other popular image formats.

* Docsvault also allows for simple multi-page PDF and TIFF image creation.

* Other scanning features include: auto-deskew, auto-skip blank pages, duplex scanning (when compatible), and batch scanning.

Benefit: The first step in going to a paperless office is built-in to Docsvault. TopCustomizable security features allows you to take preventative action :

* Controlling access to files, documents, folders, and cabinets allows you to employ preventative security.

* Dictate who has access to what, meaning you can control a usersl or groups of usersl access to an entire cabinet all the way down to a single file.

* The audit trail feature even keeps track of what users are accessing and modifying, providing a comprehensive security solution.

Benefit: Secure files and documents by keeping prying eyes off of them. TopEffortless data backups can be automated to backup folders, cabinets, or the entire repository

* Backup your documents effortlessly with just a few clicks of your mouse.

* Directly backup to CD or DVD media. Docsvault also allows users to change their preferences to allow for direct burning. Simply right click and select burn, and Docsvault will immediately begin to burn as long as the proper media is in the player.

* Docsvault allows you to setup custom automated data backup schedules to Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly, allowing you to automatically execute data backups .

* If the size of your backup data exceeds the amount available on your CD or DVD media, simply throw in another disk. Docsvault will automatically organize the multiple disks in a convenient and sequential manner.

* In case of OS or hardware crash, Docsvault allows you to restore documents with a few clicks and be up and running in no time.

* You donlt even need Docsvault to access the files in your backups either, meaning that they retain the entire file structure, so you wonlt lose a step.

Benefit: Disaster prevention and recovery now easier and more effective than ever before. TopEasily archive, organize, export, and retain old files to anywhere, including CD/DVD

* Archive your old files and documents with Docsvault, thereby eliminating storage space and still providing instantaneous access, just in case.

* Organize old files so they are still easy to find.

* Export any files, folders, or cabinets to external hard drives, USB drives, CD or DVD, or any other place you would like.

* Retaining old files for legal purposes, like tax returns, receipts, and emails, is now easy as ever, and retrieval in the future happens with a few clicks of the mouse.

Benefit: Manage the old files that you donlt use anymore as well as the ones you do. TopDocument check out / check in eliminates errors that occur from collaboration:

* Docsvault ensures that no errors occur from multiple users trying to access and modify the same file at the same time.

* When a user checks out a file, all other users become aware of this by the lock icon that appears on the document. Only after the file is checked back in can other users regain access.

* Docsvault allows requests to be made to let users know that others would like to check out an already checked out file.

* Docsvault can also deny check out to specified users by changing the appropriate security settings.

Benefit: No more errors or frustration when multiple users try to access modify the same document. TopDocument routing provides easy intra-program emailing :

* Essentially an intra-program Lemailingl feature, a user can assign a task, priority, and/or attachment within Docsvault and route it to another user or group of users.

* Note and task assignment l each routed item can have a note or task attached to it for further descriptive purposes.

* You can even place intra-folder document links to make documents available in more than one location.

Benefit: Send documents and attach notes and tasks to other users within Docsvault without having to go through an email. TopUnique task management routes tasks with attached documents to users and groups :

* Docsvaultls Task Management features allow users to assign tasks to others and simultaneously keep track of task completion.

* The Task In - Task Out feature is much like the Check In l Check Out feature. Task In shows tasks to be done by that user and displays the title, creation date, and due date. Task Out shows tasks assigned to other users and shows the same information.

* Each task has title, due date, priority assignment, reminder feature, and the ability to customize task recurrence.

* Task Routing l tasks can be routed to individual users or to groups as per the routing feature.

* Each task can have a message board, giving every user with the assigned task a chance to discuss in a forum-style.

* When a new task has been received, an alert in the system tray notifies the user of the new task.

* Once tasks are marked as done, old tasks are automatically archived under LFiled Tasksl with Docsvaultls Task Filing feature.

* Note additions l notes can be added to a task to provide further description.

* See all your tasks right on the desktop with the customizable desktop toolbar and switch between todayls tasks and all tasks.

* Set reminders for yourself that will popup at specified times, whether it be once or repeated with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals.

* Docsvault allows you easily print out task lists, which can be ordered by Priority, Overdue, Pending, and All task classification.

* Task filing l once tasks are marked as done, old tasks are automatically archived under Lfiled tasks.

Benefit: Ensure that everyone in the Docsvault workgroup is maximizing their productivity through efficient task management. TopVersion control allows you to track changes made and attach notes to each version

* Never worry about if the document you are using is the latest version.

* Docsvault allows multiple versions of documents to be created. As a document is modified and subsequently saved, new versions can be automatically created and saved.

* New version description allows you to assign each new version its own description, stating anything from changes made to instructions for further revision.

* As each new version is created, it is logged into a Version History, allowing access and tracking of past versions and changes made.

Benefit: You can sort, manage, and search for files based on the profiles and properties you have created and assigned. TopAudit trail tracks and logs activities performed on a file, including access:

* This feature allows you to keep track of events that have occurred with specific files, folders, and cabinets by filename, username, event time, event type, or file path.

* Track and log what files, folders, and cabinets are being accessed and by who.

* Audit trails can be tracked between dates.

* Multiple-field filtering within the Audit Trail allows you to find specific events by filtering and sorting with regards to filename, username, event time, event type, or file path. These can be further filtered within the results themselves.

Benefit: Always know who is doing what to your files and documents. TopIntegrates with Microsoft Office for direct saving from popular MS programs

* Docsvault flawlessly integrates itself into Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

* Save your files from the File menu of any of these MS Office applications directly into Docsvault as you would any other location.

Benefit: Docsvault seamlessly integrates into your most commonly used Microsoft applications. TopArchive and organize Outlook emails, notes, and contacts:

* Users can save emails directly to Docsvault through the File menu in Outlook

* Docsvault offers easy archiving of emails with its auto-filing feature.

* Auto-filing can be applied to incoming and outgoing mail based on rule assignment specified by the user.

* Docsvault can automatically separate email messages and attachment and file them to different folders.

Benefit: Archive and organize all of your old emails. TopCustom properties allow you to create your own file classifications:

* Properties are custom descriptive classes that can be created and assigned to anything brought into or created in Docsvault.

* Each property has the ability to have a unique name, description, and data type (text, numeric, date).

* For example, along with filename and creation date, you could add client name, document type, document priority, or any other classification you choose.

Benefit: You are not limited to the pre-defined properties set by Windows, letting you customize the classification of files to suit your needs. TopLump properties together and assign profiles to custom-tailor your organizing

* Once properties are created, commonly used properties can be grouped into profiles. Multiple profiles can be made and each can have a unique set of properties.

* Once created in the options menu, these profiles can be assigned to anything in Docsvault, including individual files, folders, and cabinets.

* Individual properties within each profile can be deselected, allowing full customizability of each profile application.

Benefit: You can sort, manage, and search for files based on the profiles and properties you have assigned, uniquely organizing your files to your needs. TopUser groups make managing workgroups simple

* Collect users into groups and control options and settings based on those groups.

* Simplifies setting preferences of the users in your group by collectively making changes.

* Treat groups as you would a user, so all the Docsvault features applicable to a single user is also applicable to an entire group.

* In case of OS or hardware crash, Docsvault allows you to restore documents with a few clicks and be up and running in no time.

* The structure of your filing is completely retained in your backup, even if you donlt have Docsvault.

Benefit: Managing your workgroup has never been easier. TopHost of organizing features are applicable when importing files

* Single files, multiple files, folders, or even entire drives can be imported with one simple step.

* Each import session allows you to assign a pre-created profile to the files to be imported.

* Turn your cluttered paper filled office into an efficient paperless machine. Using Docsvaultls built-in scanner integration scanning feature, Docsvault can manage both paper files and computer generated files in a well-organized manner.

Benefit: The simple file import allows you to immediately begin organizing your files and folders. TopAdvanced cabinet-folder system neatly organizes any type of file:

* Custom Profiles and Properties can be applied every time a new Cabinet or Folder is created. Your preferences are also completely customizable through changes made within the preferences menu.

* Create Cabinets with your own custom icons, making organization visually attractive as will.

* Apply custom security settings to your Cabinets, applicable by user or by group of users. These security settings include the ability to control: read only, create new versions, overwrite files, delete files, change profiles, undo checkouts, change security, and change owner.

* Audit settings are also completely customizable by cabinet. The audit trail items that can be tracked can be set during cabinet creation, including: importing/scanning done, security changes, owner changes, profile changes, version changes, audit settings changes, views, renames, copies, move, moved to Recycle Bin, delete from Recycle Bin, and Restore Bin.

* Folders can be created as a subclass to a Cabinet; subsequent subclasses are also classified as Folders.

* Each folder can have the profile, security, and audit trail settings customized just like Cabinets.

* During Folder creation, the profile, security, and audit trail settings are inherited from cabinet creation by default, but they can be modified on a per folder basis as well.

Benefit: Users have a wide variety of customization and security options when creating an organization structure, even the lowest levels of organization. TopRight-click functionality provides one-click access to many features:

* Many of the unique features in Docsvault are made even easier to use through extensive right-click functionality.

* Many of the features, including direct burning, importing, saving to Docsvault, document routing, document check out, security editing, audit trail viewing, profile editing, and version history viewing are all accessible with just a click.

Benefit: Easily access the most popular features of Docsvault with a simple right click of the mouse. TopMultiple-tabs make navigating Docsvault incredibly easy:

* Docsvault allows the user to have multiple tab viewing in a single window, much like new tab creation in Mozilla Firefox®

* Users can assign any location to the tabs, allowing users to view various places, such as network locations, local drives, search results, and task in / task out in a new tab

Benefit: You can simultaneously browse multiple cabinets and folders. TopBuilt-In Organizational Templates:

* Many people are looking to organize and manage their files but donlt know where to begin.

* Docsvaultls organizational templates will start you off on the right track by giving you an array of organizational cabinets.

* Some cabinets are for your finances, expenses, insurance, and various other cabinets and drawers organization.

Benefit: Docsvault gives you a template to start becoming more organized. TopCreate PDFs from any application that supports printing:

* PDFs have quickly become the standard for saving and sharing documents.

* Docsvaultls PDF Creator allows you to get in the loop by allowing you to create PDFs from any file and from any application.

Benefit: Create PDFs from any application that supports printing. TopAutomated server availability verification

* Included with Docsvault Small Business Edition is a service applet that watches for availability of the server, essentially enhancing the robustness of the server.

* It has three main functions: 1. Checks for server availability at user-specified intervals of time and restarts server automatically; 2. It can set the number of times for server restart before giving up; and 3. It can manually start and stop server service.

* Set reminders for yourself that will popup at specified times, whether it be once or repeated with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals.

* Docsvault allows you easily print out task lists, which can be ordered by Priority, Overdue, Pending, and All task classification.

* Task filing l once tasks are marked as done, old tasks are automatically archived under Lfiled tasks.

* Note additions l notes can be added to a task to provide further description.

Benefit: Ensures the robustness of your server TopConvenient repository management keeps maintenance easy:

* Backup / restore l this feature allows the user to fully backup the entire document database and minimize the chances of document corruption by individually zipping files.

* Optimization l this feature will clean up the document database thereby maximizing efficiency.

* Export l unlike data backup, the export feature allows the user to make a direct one-to-one copy of the document database without any file compression while still retaining the hierarchical folder structure.

Benefit: Know that your data backups are complete, uncorrupted, and fully recoverable. TopCustom skins add some life to the application screen:

* A choice of five skins is available.

Benefit: Add a little flavor to a usually bland application screen. TopAdvanced recycle bin eliminates accidental deletions:

* Auto-routing of deleted files to Docsvaultls own Recycle Bin ensures that no file is unintentionally deleted.

* Accidentally deleted files can be fully restored from this special Recycle Bin.

Benefit: A fail-safe mechanism to make sure you donlt unintentionally destroy files

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