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I've been using a large number of file synchronization tools. From the veryfirst DOS command-line utilities to powerful plug-ins in modern file shells,such as FAR or TotalCommander. They all are based on the same simpleprinciple. You give them two folders to compare and they return to you alist of files that differ. The modern tools have a better interface. Theyallow you to visually select folders on file panels and highlightdifferences visually. Normally, they also allow you to select a few optionsto tune-up the comparison. Usually, options are just file attributes tocompare. That's all that they can do for you. And I was thinking,erroneously, that it's a perfect solution and that there is nothing morethat could be done. Then I learned about Diff Commander...Diff Commander brings a brand new level of flexibility and usability intofolder comparison and file synchronization. How is it different from all Ihave seen before? At first, it introduces its own, very specializedinterface. Files and folders are shown on two panes as a tree. The programsupports compressed archives that are shown as normal folders. Filecomparison was never so visually attractive before. You can also comparefolders recursively. Differences are colorfully highlighted on both panes.The program allows you to tune-up the comparison by providing numeroussettings. You can filter files by masks, skip hidden and system files, turnon and off recursion, and much more...But the main enhancement is the ability to define synchronization rules.The program alerts you of each file that differs and that needs to be copiedor moved according to the rules. You can synchronize all files at once orone by one.All settings are stored in Profiles. You can have different settings fordifferent projects. The program also can be used for batch comparisons. Itreads folder names from a text file and does comparison/synchronizationautomatically.

I've been using a large number of file ...

  • Diff Commander
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