18 backup data & backup utilities v.1.8


Program File Sync is one of the best backup programs for today. Being the data backup tool which backups data and synchronizes folders File Sync is one of the most simple and convenient programs in usage. Don’t you trust? Let's consider program work in several steps.

Start the backup software. You’ll see the program consists of one window in which it’s possible to analyze folders and directories. However, let's tell some words about the menu.

The menu of the backup data program includes some components – «File», «Project», «Action» and «Help». Each component contains some commands. However, there aren’t a lot of commands so it’s not difficult to understand them. For example, the component «File» includes five commands among which there are «Open task», «New task» and «Exit». The component «Projects» contains only one command – «Settings».

The work in the menu panel of the backup software is really very simple and convenient. There are no difficult panels of tools which are characteristic for big and difficult programs. Therefore even the beginner can master the program in some minutes.

But the main working field in the program you can backup data in is a basic window. File Sync concerns that number backup utilities which work by the user-friendliest scheme. To spend data backup you needn’t to invent new schemes. It’s enough to load (the command «Browse») folders for the analysis and synchronization and to start these processes (that is data backup and file synchronization). The backup software will backup data and then suggest synchronizing data. If you consider that it is necessary to synchronize choose the command «Sync» and wait for the process termination. After the backup utility will present a definitive variant: the folders with the files which have already had a new kind.

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  • 18 backup data & backup utilities
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  • 18 backup software & backup programs
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