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1-2-3 All to PDF 4.0 is a helpful tool which facilitates the conversion of any printable office file to PDF.Unique technique to change printable files to PDF 1-2-3 All to PDF facilitates the conversion of any printable file to PDF. You are just required to use 1-2-3 All to PDF as a virtual printer. 1-2-3 All to PDF lets you take benefit of PDF by changing any printable file to PDF format. The concise and virus-free PDF files prove highly useful and are easy to attach and send forward in emails. What is the unique formula to change your multi-format files into PDF? 1-2-3 All to PDF has a very simple formula that helps you to change your multi format files into PDF format. You are required to open the file that you wish to change then click Print. Select All to PDF printer from the list of printers then All to PDF window will appear on your screen. Now Click browse and select a location to save the changed PDF naming it suitably. Click "Convert", your file of any other printable format will get changed into PDF Major Features:Convert any printable file to PDF: 1-2-3 All to PDF is a virtual printer that helps you to convert any printable file into PDF. It converts printable files which are supported by windows to PDF format virtually.Simple application: 1-2-3 All to PDF is very simple application in which the functions are basic that do not require any prior training to be taken before using it.Attractive and user-friendly medium to convert files in PDF: 1-2-3 All to PDF is very simple to use. Open the file that you want to change, give Print Command. Select All to PDF from your printers list. Click Browse and select a location where you want to save your file. Click "Convert" to save your translated PDF in the specified location.Well-matched with Acrobat Reade: The converted PDF file is well-matched with Acrobat Reader, giving no problem to the user while using the file in Acrobat reader and has text searchable too.Flexible with various other applications: You can change any file format to PDF with the help of 1-2-3 All to PDF. The only requirement of the product is that the files you need to change must be printable in windows. This application includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Photoshop, CAD, CorelDraw, Illustrator files etc.PDF that you get is exact : The PDF gives you the replica copy of the file that you have translated. 1-2-3 All to PDF will not make any changes in formatting, fonts, images and layout styles. Every option will remain exactly same as it was in the previous file.Sharing becomes easy with All to PDF: All to PDF makes sharing of files easy. By converting your files to PDF, you will be able to get smaller and lighter files. The recipient will not require any special software to view them apart from Acrobat Reader.Enhancements: Control the use of PDF by its users by setting properties like who can read, edit, modify the PDF. WareSeeker Editor

1-2-3 All to PDF 4.0 is a helpful tool which ...

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  • 1-2-3 All to PDF
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  • 1-2-3PDFConverter
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