Wiperaser Ultra v.7


Wiperaser Ultra 7 is a highly-efficient, high-quality utility which eliminates files and folders beyond every chance of recovery, as stated in many international laws and standards.It supports every file system recognized by Windows (including FAT, FAT32, and NTFS) and has specific functions to erase zombie-information, which reside in your hard-disk free space. Many instances are remotely manageable by a single centralized workstation, so the system administrator can manage permissions and privileges (related to secure deletion) without moving away from his chair. A scripting engine with pascal-like scripting language specifically designed for secure deletion, Wiperaser can delete everything you want, the only limit is your fantasy. It can access disk at low-level, discovering and wiping disk clusters belonging to specific files/folders, bypassing all operating system's locks.

Wiperaser Ultra 7 is a highly-efficient, ...

  • Wiperaser Ultra
  • 7
  • Liveye, SDC
  • Windows NT
  • Trial
  • 8.6 Mb
  • 127
  • $140.00

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