VerificationEngine v.2.7.05


VerificationEngine uses patent pending technology to authenticate that a website logo or brand is legitimate and authentic to the company it purports to be.Verification of login boxes with SubmitVerifyOVerificationEngine uses patent pending technology to authenticate that a website loginbox is legitimate and authentic to the company it purports to be. Combined with anti-keylogging systems such as Comodo i-VaultVerification of SSL session and encryption endpoint with SSLVerifiyOVerificationEngine allows users of Internet Explorer to determine if the business credentials of the entity with which they have a secure SSL session are available from within the SSL certificate which is being used to encrypt the communication. - What this means is that no Man-in-the-Middle attack can take place as you can be assured of who it is you are communicating with.Protection against Phishing attacksPhishing attacks rely on using a link in an e-mail to entice you to a web site which claims to be a legitimate website but is in actual fact a fraudulent site. Now, even if you click on a link and arrive on what should be your banks website you can verify whether it is or not.Protection against Pharming attacks using IPVerifyOPharming attacks rely on a virus or Trojan program which corrupts a file on your PC which even if you type the correct URL into your browser send you to a fraudulent website. VerificationEngine supports IPVerifyO which prevents Pharming attacks from succeeding by not only checking the domain name of a sever but also it's unique IP address during the verification process.Automatic UpdatesVerificationEngine has a fully automatic update mechanism ensuring the best performance, highest security and instant availability of the very latest Identity and Trust Assurance services.Suitable for Internet users with Visual DisabilitiesVerificationEngine has been designed specifically to aid users with visual disabilities. Audio feedback can be employed as part of the verification test using a custom .wav file. The Trusted indicator width and colour can also be increased or changed accordingly to aid visual recognition.Self Protection attack avoidance systemVerificationEngine features the very latest self protection and monitoring systems constantly looking at the performance of the product and alerting you if any spurious software tries to attack the application or shut it down without permission.Artificial Intelligence System l identifying copycat attemptsArtificial Intelligence constantly looks for potential mimics and other software trying to display a similar Ltrust indicatorl around the outside of the screen. VerificationEngine will alert you of these fraudulent attempts; however itls always best to ensure you have the correct version of VerificationEngine. Never install a version which is not digitally signed by Comodo CA. (Please see the details in the user guide)

VerificationEngine uses patent pending ...

  • VerificationEngine
  • 2.7.05
  • Comodo Group
  • Win 2000, 2003, XP
  • Freeware
  • 7.7 Mb
  • 174
  • Free

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