Snuko AntiTheft And Data Recovery for PC v.1.2


Loss or theft of your computer is becoming more and more common everyday. As devices get smaller and our lives busier it is so much easier to leave your device in the back of a taxi or on the seat of a train. Plus criminals seem to have become bolder and more laptops and computer devices are snatched and stolen on a regular basis.You can now reduce the risk of your important files and personal data being used by criminals or unauthorised users by using the Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery Software.We see it in the news everyday, someone in charge of lots of personal data losing their computer or recklessly leaving it in full view in their car for a thief to easily steal it.If you have the Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery Software you could start to protect your data immediately.GeoLocationSee the location of your computer down to within 10-20 metersIP LogsFind out which network your computer is logged in at and which internet service provider is being usedWebcam picturesIf a web camera is available, see the unauthorized person using your computerVideoSee a 10 second video with sound and motion of the unauthorized person using your computerData EncryptionSecure your documents so that no one else but you can read themRemote Data RetrievalBack up your most important documents even after your computer has been reported missingComputer Lock DownLock down your computer after essential data has been retrieved, so that no-one can use your computer but youDon't wait until it's too late, protect your data now.It's free and easy to download so you can feel safe knowing that in the unfortunate event your laptop or computer is lost or stolen, your data is protected. Plus with the additional premium features you might even be able to locate it and actually retrieve the device.

Loss or theft of your computer is becoming ... If you lose your pc / laptop or have it stolen you can retrieve important files, encrypt your data and lock down your device.

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  • Snuko AntiTheft And Data Recovery for PC
  • 1.2
  • Snuko UK Ltd
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7, Android, BlackBerry, Windows XP X64,Windows Vista, Windows 7 x64
  • Freeware
  • 1.44 Mb
  • 200
  • Free

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