SafeCleaner v.1.0


---- What is SafeCleaner? ----Whenever you "delete" a file, no matter how many times you empty your recycle bin, the fileis not really deleted. Instead, the Operative System (Windows) "forgets" about the file, not linking to it or showing it anymore, and overwriting it if (and only if) it needs to.However, most of the time, Windows does not require the space that the deleted file occupies.And the data of the file remains untouched, as if it had not been deleted. A large number of programs, usually known as Data Recovery software, are able to scan the hard drivefor these "deleted" files, and restore them. Any person with access to the computer, includingunauthorized ones, through the use of malicious software, can potentially and easily recover, view, anddistribute (if they so wish) deleted documents, images, videos...SafeCleaner's purpose is to ensure the real destruction of all deleted files in a drive, making it impossible forRecovery Software to recover them. Unlike other similar products however, SafeCleaner DESTROYS ONLY DELETEDFILES, leaving your other files untouched an unharmed. Because SafeCleaner is a driver cleaner and not a shredder, it can perfectly act retroactively.Files that you "deleted" before installing SafeCleaner will, of course, also be destroyed by SafeCleaner. ---- Why is SafeCleaner better than other products? ----1) SafeCleaner is reliable.2) SafeCleaner does not harm your other files.3) SafeCleaner supports most windows hard drive formats.4) SafeCleaner is not only able to clean hard drives: It can also clean USB drives, floppies...5) SafeCleaner is not intrusive.6) SafeCleaner is easy to use.7) SafeCleaner is cheap.

---- What is SafeCleaner? ----Whenever you ...

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  • SafeCleaner
  • 1.0
  • Duthersoft
  • Win XP
  • Shareware
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  • $15.00

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