QuickCrypt v.2.3


QuickCrypt is an easy but powerful way to incorporate "strong" text and file encryptio into all your widows applications (AOL,MSN,Yahoo, ICQ), by using QuickCrypts global shortcut keys. In any window with text or files (like in Windows Explorer or your desktop) just select the file you want, then press Ctrl-E to Encrypt or Ctrl-C to decrypt. When exchanging encrypted emails, text message,Word document attachments, or web pages etc, make sure that both people are using the same key (i.e.password), then you will able to enjoy emailing and text messaging in private, knowing that you are protected at all times from prying eyes. Quick Crypt is an extremely secure and extremely practical email encrypter software program, primarily for Web-Email, AOL, MSN, Yahoo,ICQ, Word. Encrypt the email that you send and unencrypt the email that you receive, by cutting and pasting the text you are encrypting directly into your email messages - no need for other software to plug into an email client, therefore, this is a quick and simple way of handling your text encryption needs, but still maintaining unlimited and unbreakable email privacy protection. QuickCrypt software is required at each end of the communication i.e. you neet to run QuickCrypt in order to encrypt, and your friend needs to run the softare to decrypt your email. You and the friend you are sending email to, can have either a Web-based or a POP-Based email account. As an added bonus, QuickCrypt also encrypts files and folders for ultimate and complete privacy protection for your computer as well as your emails, or other text documents such as Microsoft Word.

QuickCrypt is an easy but powerful way to ...

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  • QuickCrypt
  • 2.3
  • SoftDesignz
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 1.17 Mb
  • 115
  • $24.95

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